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You know, I was realizing something recently. Now, Luffy and Nami are the only crew members who witnessed someone close to them murdered right in front of them. 
I'm actually a little surprised Luffy is awake by now. Though two weeks have passed.
The length of this flashback really can vary. Seeing how this is Luffy and Ace. This coming week might be the week of Golden Week. Though I don't remember seeing anything at the end about there being a break. Still, in Japan is might just be a given.
This story will probably be about learning how Ace and Luffy went from confrontational to brothers. 

Ivan is on the way back to the Kamabakka Kingdom. I guess the women among his followers went to Amazon Lily. This is sure to have Ivan run into Sanji.
Oda must realize that the audience wants the crew back together as soon as possible. I really wonder how long he plans to stretch this out for.

In Naruto, I'm flashing on that scene in Star Wars when Luke was undergoing his Jedi training.
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I look forward to seeing Urahara in aciton.
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I want so see that evil version of Naruto.
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@Void_Wizard said:
" I look forward to seeing Urahara in aciton. "
yep, he's too badass not to fight.
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@FoxxFireArt: They will be back together soon, but I believe there is some stuff that has to be done before they can be reunited. Maybe there will be another arc that will focus on them coming together in the end.
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I liked Luffy Reaction, it was more a Berserker reaction than a pity fest like Ichigo or Naruto....
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Here is how Bleach is going to go next week:
 Urahara makes a speech, Aizen replies, Urahara says some more stuff, they get ready to fight, every one is pissed off that they have to wait another week to see Urahara's Bankai.
 As for Naruto:
Naruto denies everything Evil Naruto says, they fight, Evil Naruto says something that hits close to home, Naruto is pissed off, Killer Bee tells Naruto something insightful, Naruto wins the day.
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If I had a  houyoku I'd have it give me a bacon sandwich.
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Can't wait to see Urahara's Bankai. Should be a lot of fun
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I think were going to find out who has the longest Bankai in the next few Bleach chapters. 
Also, adressing Luffys crew getting back together, I think the time laps that was brought up will make that happen. But man Luffy was a Mess. Never in the whole series of OnePiece has he ever been so distraught. What is to come with him will be pretty interesting.
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I like ur predictions :D
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