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The sharingan has just given birth to a new move, according to Itachi. It’s name is the izanami, and it will supposedly help bring an end to the battle between the Uchiha vs. Kabuto fight. Let us see if it helps out.


Well, surprisingly this new eye technique that was spoken of last chapter doesn’t make its appearance this week; or at least we don’t know it has. The only chance I can think of is that it helped save Itachi’s life after he was eaten by the cave. I think Kabuto wins the jutsu show and tell today by showcasing a move that transforms things that are not alive into things that are alive.

Basically after Itachi gets subdued, and Sasuke has to protect him by making a wall of black fire, they now can only attack each other with words. Itachi tries to convince Kabuto that to truly know who you are, you have to know where your faults lie. Kabuto listens, and appears to understand where Itachi is coming from. But at the same time Kabuto thinks about his past, and we are thrust head first into another enemy flashback.

Just like every character in this series, Kabuto also had a bad past, with no parents, no name, no glasses, and a appearance very similar to Harry Potter--he was a hot mess. Basically he had nothing, and now he is doing all he can to make a name for himself. I believe he succeeded.


A pretty decent chapter, but I wasn’t expecting a flashback yet, and I don’t think this one is over either. I’m wondering if this is all due to the izanami, maybe its forcing Kabuto to look inward and address his life, or something like that.


The flashback should continue into the next chapter, which should cover Kabuto as an older child and explains how he got into the spy business. Hopefully the next chapter will explain to us just what izanami really is.

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Looks like we have a character death coming up considering we are just now getting a flashback on the "tragedy" in Kabuto's past.
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Knowing NARUTO, the fact we're getting Kabuto's back story should mean the death flags are waving. More and more. I'm shocked the end of this series hasn't been announced. This arc has gone on for sooo long, and so much back story has been summed up.
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Where the f*** is Naruto? Tell me Kishi!? I dont care about more Eye powers! Where the f*** is the protagonist!?

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Well, good bye Kabuto (After you tell your sad back story you will die)

That Kabuto lady look so creepy

I betting Izanami didn't fail and this is just a dumb illusion all a long

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This whole war has been such a letdown in alot of cases

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Goodbye Kabuto........Hello Orochimaru. I hope
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I personally disliked this chapter I really could care less about Kabuto's back story which now that we saw it is kinda lame. What is with these Naruto's character fighting people who in the middle of a life and death battle decide to tell their life story literally. If they are ninjas this would be the perfect time to sneak up behind him and implant a kunai in the back of the skull.

Btw for those saying that this Inazami technique is an illusion I hope you are wrong because that would just be lame can it be something other than an illusion. I know it would be over powered but I'm hoping for some time warping power at least.

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Naruto should be nearing its end now, probably sometime next year at this rate. I never really liked Kabuto so another backstory is going to be quite boring for me. I want them to get back to Naruto or Madara.

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I was expecting the freaking Izanami! Not this flash back of Kabuto.

Man, I was excited about this might-be-too-strong-overkill-technique of Itachi, but this is a let down.

Well, nothing that I can do about it. I always knew that Kabuto means helmet... so when he wore that helmet, okay, this is where he got his name. I hope it won't drag on.

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Ugh, not another one of these stupid flashbacks. Kishi sure has this OCD attitude of wanting to fill in backstory for every single character in the series to make them more "compelling." It's incredibly exhausting, not to mention fucking pointless. It's a war, I want action, I want story progression. Most importantly, I want an ending (which I doubt will happen anytime soon). I don't want to feel compassion for one-dimensional villains like Kabuto. I just don't give a shit.

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Pretty good chapter I think.
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I liked Itachi's words to Kabuto, I found it really inspirational : "It means to forgive yourself for what you're not able to do. You're comrades are there to make up for what you cannot do. And to prevent you from ignoring the things that you might have been able to do."

Yea, I see Kabuto's death being inevitable at this point....its always like that. Once a tragic flashback hits, something major like a death is just around the corner.

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