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Sasuke with the help from his brother Itachi are now going at it against the snake man himself, Kabuto. Yes, the two who we never thought would fight on the same team are fighting against the one who we never thought would have so much power. If I went back in time and told myself this was going to happen, I probably wouldn’t believe myself. But here we are... Let’s find out who will be victorious.


This chapter seemed rather short. Instead of attacking them physically, Kabuto tries to separate the brothers due to their weak alliance. Kabuto gives Sasuke the usual bad guy speech--we are fighting for the same reasons, we are not too different ourselves, we both have the same end goals. However, as we all know, Sasuke has his own reasons, and really sticks to his guns no matter what anyone says.

Itachi then has to say something, so he agrees with Kabuto that the leaf has its own faults, but he is still a leaf ninja and will die (again) a leaf ninja. However, he wants to tell Sasuke something, but he can’t until Kabuto is taking care of, so if Sasuke wants to hear this secret, then they better get busy. Itachi then tells Sasuke that there is another power they can use to help them in this situation, the power of izanami. I can only imagine how broken that power is.


Short chapter is short, and I feel that they could have cut out a lot from this chapter, making it a little more action oriented.


I’m excited to see this new move, but I suspect it will force Itachi to loose his eyesight because of it. I hope this battle will be concluded in the next chapter, or that something crazy will happen, like Sasuke loosing his head, or Naruto appearing out of nowhere to help Sasuke.

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Standard Uchiha tactics really.

"Oh noes we're losing a battle"

"Don't worry there's another eye technique that no one's ever mentioned before but it's really hax"

"Oh cool, why haven't I heard of it before?"

"It's forbidden"


It's getting a bit silly now, I kind of thought Izanagi was lame but oh no there's something even more lame and hax than Izanagi.

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Where the hell is One Piece this week arrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

I required some sort of comfort so I resorted to read this Naruto chapter.


This chapter was absolute shit, honestly another shitty sharingan jutsu OMG. You know when the Naruto manga is starting to go down hill when I start to dislike Itachi.

  1. Stupid Kabuto & snake sage lol - my first thought "Ohh God" *facepalm*
  2. Another sharingan tech yawnnnn
  3. There is bound to be a stupid slug sage & all the other animal summons should have a sage too

Please end this battle in the next 2 chapters please.

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Hey hey, why can't this be an itachi original move? I thought i was allright.

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I'm thinking there might be one more final ultimate sharingan technique called Kagu-Tsuchi. It makes sense seeing as how Kagu-Tsuchi was the son of Izanagi and Izanami. Maybe, just maybe that would be the last MS technique.

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By watching lots of anime, I learned some Japanese history. Like in Nurarihyon, if you know the character named Awashima, this character turns into a boy and girl.

To all who does not know it, Izanagi and Izanami are Japanese Deities. And they are inseparable. They are husband and wife. Izanagi is the guy and Izanami is a girl. Though, Izanami somehow got trapped in the underworld and Izanagi tried to save her. But Izanagi failed to save her. Thus he left the underworld. As he left the underworld, he purified his body from the darkness... and because of that, Gods are born from his body parts. The most famous ones that are born from his body parts are Tsukoyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo. (referencing Sharingan techniques)

Kishimoto-sensei derived the techniques from them. Tsukoyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo are also deities too. Tsukoyomi was born from Izanagi's right eye, Amaterasu was born from the left eye (referencing to Sasuke's Amaterasu, he controls it with his left eye) and Susanoo born from the nose.

That is the reason that I don't hate Itachi having another Sharingan technique. As Kankuro said during the Five Kage Summit, the Uchiha always have a secret up their sleeves.

It is said the Izanami is the goddess of creation and death. So probably this new technique of Itachi probably a certain kill move. Ahahaha. I wonder what Itachi's new technique will do.

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Sigh, another Sharingan technique (The funny thing is I knew it was coming, I guess there one more broken technique coming)

Why, can't Kabuto just say "oh Sasuke, I can reprogram Itachi into telling you the truth and have him watch you burn down the Leaf" I bet Sasuke help Kabuto then

I really believing Kabuto is the only good guy in the room

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I actually thought it was a good chapter, it almost sounds like all of that tension they've built up with sauske wanting to destroy the leaf is going to get relieved and he's going to become a good guy again and Naruto will never have a huge final battle with him and they will team up to take out tobi and crazy Madera after he kills all of the Kage's

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Meh chapter. They're going crazy with all the Uchiha powers. For every god level technique the Uchiha have, it makes it more and more perplexing as to how exactly the First Hokage was able to beat Madara. I hope that Kabuto has more tricks up his sleeve and doesn't get taken out immediately with this next move. I hope the fight has just begun.

One good thing about Itachi having an Edo Tensei body is that it regenerates from any injury within seconds. He should be able to keep his vision if this new jutsu blinds him.

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@fijilovesyou: Hey thanks for the info, thats actually makes me want to look into the lore a bit more.

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I only have one question, WHERE THE F*** IS NARUTO?! This manga returned to be called Sasuke, or what? I liked it more when it was called Shikamaru, but Sasuke is pretty shitty as a protagonist...

The World is going to be destroyed by meteor the size of Australia

S: What are we going to do?

I: Dont worry we have the ultra-secret-forbidden-chocolate-covered-super-duper Eye Jutsu to destroy it...

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@One_Piece_God: I said the same thing where is my One Piece I want Trafalgar Law :P Not this Itachi, Sasuke, Kabuto love story.

My favorite part this week was definitively Kabuto trying to get Sasuke on his side; its kinda ironic how Sasuke like oh no I don't want to destroy the leaf because of your reason I want to destroy the leaf because of MY reasons. :P Really? Why doesn't Itachi just back hand his brother and be like knock if the F off?


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Kabuto's sage mode looks ridiculous. How can you call yourself a dragon, if you've got an overgrown umbilical cord attached to your stomach? If anything, he looks like a human raccoon.

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Great, another secret shiringan technique. I wonder how much of a hack this one is.

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I respect the new sharingan techniques only because of the history behind them

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<_< Kbuto looks like Stein from Soul Eater now.

I liked it, but then I love to see Sasuke fail xD

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My opinion; I will always love a chapter of Naruto but, this one was short. I'm not surprised that the Uchiha has another eye technique, why? I mean all of this is based off Japanese mythology, and at least some characters has an ability. I assume Madara has the last sharingan techniques considering that he has EMS and also waking his susanoo, his rinnegan, and senju power. Besides, not much is surprising, i mean senju has great amount power (Everyone wants a senju face) and uzumaki has great chakra, uchiha their eyes, and the few characters with a jinchuuriki, and those with rinnegan. Seriously people? You should be hyped for the next chapter! =} (It all should make sense...)

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I don't think this is lame, I mean... is Itachi we're talking here, he's suposed to be this "super uchiha" and when he fought Sasuke (the only time we saw him fight a bit seriously) he wasn't at his full potencial so I can understand he still haves some moves we haven't seen yet.

But again, this fight's lame because Kabuto's lame and the team up between actual Sasuke and Itachi makes no sense at all.

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