Weekly Naruto: Chapter 579

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@KingSolomon: Oh yeah good memory. Maybe Kabuto will power up some more yet, because as powerful as Sage mode is I don't think he can take on on two powerful MS users with it.

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@Acer.: lol i never thought about that. Orochimaru could have had sick sharingan eyes this whole time.

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@falconpunch: Kakashi, Danzo, and Ao always made me wonder why Orochimaru didn't just still some Uchiha eyes and call it a wrap with that. Having a Uchiha body may be beneficial, but it never made sense to me for him to choose no sharingan at all if he couldn't get it with a body as well.

Part of me still hopes that he comes back. Apparently he and Kabuto put the wood Hokage into everyone else and improved zombie Madara. Orochimaru is like the master of body jumping, he's pretty damn good at taking other people's powers and using them as his own, he can modify corpses to make them better. There's nothing to really support it, but I hope that at some point he realized that the best body is an Edo Tensei body since it seems to have infinite chakra, is indestructible, lives forever, will never reject him (which is always what took him out of fights), and can be modified to have various bloodline traits. Kabuto still seems a bit outmatched as both Sasuke and Itachi have all of the high level MS (possibly EMS) techniques and Itachi can't die. The best equalization that I want as an Orochimaru fan is for Kabuto to have his back against the wall and summon one last corpse that's like Orochimaru inside of the ultimate corpse body created from everything both of them have learned from their experiments.

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I really like how this explains why he has been looking so much like a snake, rather than it be some random side effect of absorbing Orochimaru.

I also loved the Daddy Boss Mafia Snake.

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