Weekly Naruto: Chapter 575

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I’m back from Japan! You would be surprised how little Naruto merchandise there is over there. As I walked through Akihabara I could count on one hand the amount of figures there were for this series; and the ones that did exists were just the small figures, ones found in capsule games. Oh well, Japan might not love you, but we love you over here, so let’s get started!


The story takes a break this week from Naruto’s battle with Tobi, and returns once more to the Kage's battle with Madara. This is good, because I wanted to see more of the Kages in action, I want to see them being pushed to there limit and using everything in their power to defeat their foe. We don’t get to see that in this chapter, but they are being pushed to their limit.

Madara is throwing everything he has at them, busting out his tree powers like he is Captain Planet on steroids. We learn that he too has the First Hokage’s genes implanted in him, making him as powerful as both legends combined. The action also breaks for a little as we learn a little about Oonoki’s childhood, and how he became the man he is today. Kishimoto seems to really like Oonoki, since he continuously goes back to his past. Well, I guess we already covered A’s past and Gaara. Now we just have to learn a little bit about Mei.

After a brief counterattack, the story travels once more back to Sasuke, as he passes his brother on the way to the battle field. These two finally meet, and I have no idea what is in store for us. Will they fight, talk, or work together? Those Uchiha boys are nothing but trouble!


I really wanted to be wowed by the Kages, but they fail to impress me as of yet. The old ones are so much cooler than the new ones by far, hopefully Kishimoto turns that around.


A pretty average chapter this time. But next chapter can possibly see a Sasuke vs. Itachi fight, and if they go all out it could be a spectacle worth seeing.

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I guess Oonoki would be the key to defeat Madara... but I just can't help but think Onoki will meet his death after they defeat Madara.

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Good chapter. Madara was doing his thing, there was minimal monologues about the power of friendship/love/nakama, and Sasuke ran across Itachi. I just hope they keep the pace up and stick to story reveals and battles.

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And the catalyst for the Sasuke-will-kill-Tobi plot element has been triggered.

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I wonder if Sasuke's gonna be getting any more power ups after a meeting with Itachi because Naruto got an exponential power boost ( like a Naruto super saiyan 3 equivalent or something) After all those chapters of showing Naruto's growth, if there is a Sasuke fight it'll be nice to see a glimpse of what his capabilities are. I mean Naruto looks like he'll wipe the floor with Sasuke's face and tears at this point but who knows.

@Hameyadea said:

And the catalyst for the Sasuke-will-kill-Tobi plot element has been triggered.

^Didn't think about that. Sasuke's gone a little crazy though so it might not change his "revenge" much really at this point.

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