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Our best friend Sasuke just made his appearance, like for real this time. It doesn’t take a sage toad to realize that the confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke is one the horizon. But will they fight this chapter? Let’s find out!


Of course they are not fighting this chapter, it was silly to get my hopes up. But they will be fighting eventually, that much is clear after reading this chapter. The action steps away from Naruto as Sasuke and his friends return to the limelight. I haven’t really missed these guys, and their appearance once again did not convince me to fall in love with them either. The real bit of entertainment they gave us was the information they found in Orochimaru’s hideout. What ever it is, it seems like it could have been a game changer. Of course they are not going to hand over this information to the police like good citizens, but over to Sasuke, who I’m sure is probably twenty times worse than handing it over to Tobi.

We then get to see Sasuke once again. Here he is accosted by a few angry Zetsus who demand he go back to sleep, or go home, or something. I don’t know what they are thinking, since Sasuke has never been one to follow orders, and there is no way they would be able to take him in the first place. No matter, Sasuke wipes the floor with them using Susanoo. Good news for Sasuke is that it doesn’t seem to hurt him after using that technique. He learns about the war, and about Naruto’s actions in it. A move we have all been waiting for, he decides to head to where Naruto is located, so that Sasuke can kill him! However, not everything will go Sasuke’s way, for his brother might be alerted to his presence due to them sharing the same eyes. I’m smelling a Sasuke vs. Itachi part 2!


Even though it has been awhile since we’ve seen the Taka in action, I’m still don’t really miss them. I would like to see them grow and work as a team and become something more than Sasuke’s second fiddle.


The chances of seeing Tobi, Naruto, and Sasuke partake in once glorious and epic battle royal is very high. Yet Itachi might stop Sasuke before he enters the battle, or Kabuto might attack him as well for killing his master. So to be honest I don’t think Naruto and Sasuke will fight just yet, there are plenty of obstacles in both their ways at the moment.

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Sas-Gay can go commit Seppuku for all I care - GO TEAM NARUTO!!
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I wonder if Sasuke will become even more Emo after seeing Itachi revived.

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You know, I didn't really care for Sasuke after he left the Leaf but I really do love the direction Kishimoto has taken with this insane version of Sasuke with his accompanied insane troll logic. Seeing that sinister smile speaks a lot about how far he's lost his mind.

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Now we will get to see Itachi vs Sasuke part 2! Now Itachi can finally use his power to his full potential... wait he loves his brother so he might hold back his power. I hope this does not happen.

I wonder what will the outcome be? Sasuke's EMS vs. full health Itachi? This should be a good match. Itachi is better at Tsukoyomi and has the sword of Totsuka, and Sasuke has better control at Amaterasu. Can't wait!

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the sad thing is that Sasuke v Itachi fight, if it happens, the result is predictable. then again, Itachi Is immortal, so we shall see.

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I don't see the logic in Itachi and Sasuke fighting, as Sasuke now knows the truth so will not want to fight his brother who he loves. If anything I think it will be an emotional reunion with Itachi asking to be forgiven for what he put Sasuke through.
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Whats up with the Zetsu hate kishi?

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What happened to the Black Zetsu, now that the (apparently) real White Zetsu has been incinerated by Sasuke.

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@Hameyadea: gives me more reason to hate that douchebag

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@Nerx: Zetsu was meh to begin with, he was never that great (not the white one anyway). I was quite enjoying him being used as fodder for Sasuke.

Anyone thinking that Naruto and Sasuke would fight in this chapter was being silly, it was never going to happen that quickly. It's quite good of Kishi to take his foot off the pedal a bit, especially with recent chapters. What we have now is the calm for what may well be the final storm.

My guess is that there will be some sort of confrontation in the next chapter though, either between Sasuke and Itachi or Sasuke and the army. Who knows, it may even show us what's going on at the kage battlefield (don't hold your breath though, Kishi seems to have done to that what Kubo did to the yammy fight).

4/5 for this chapter, just because it showed us some of Sasuke EMS powers and it sets up nicely for the next one.

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Please dont fight...if they do MEH

Sasuke originally wanted to kill his brother without knowing the truth

Itachi loves his brother more than anything.

I predict a long convo about dont destroy the village blah blah & sasuke sealing itachi somehow & then going to kill kabuto

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