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It’s Naruto time! He’s just becoming friends with everyone, including other Bijuu; hell, we should start calling him Naruto Nanoha already and get it over with. His new Monkey friend has just asked him for help. All Naruto has to do is remove that black chakra stick from it’s chest and everything will be good. But can Naruto do it?


Removing the black chakra receptor was as easy as we all imagined it would be. With the push and pull of both Naruto’s working in tandem, it is removed. However, the joke is on us, this doesn’t actually free the Bijuu, just stop it. After that Tobi takes back Son and forces all the rest of the jinchuriki to transform. Naruto right now is pretty screwed seeing as he has lost most of his power and now has to fight the rest in their most powerful form.

We all know where this is going, Naruto is going to need some extra power to defeat these foes. However, this time Nine Tails comes to him and wonders if Naruto would like a bit of his power. After a bit of an awkward moment between these two, they decide to meld their chakra with each other with a fist bump.

The first time we were sent inside of Naruto and saw the poor Nine Tails stuck inside of that cage, I knew that cage would one day open. Today we witness Naruto throwing open those doors. Surprisingly the Nine Tails does not devour Naruto the second those doors open. The Nine Tails has Naruto’s back, and that is the best thing he could have asked for. We have all been waiting for this day to happen, and it makes me happy to finally experience it.


Can’t say there was anything bad with this chapter, the last page really stands out and makes me forget the rest of the chapter. This is what Mangaka should do, just make a really great last page, and we will forget about all the rest.


This was close to a 5, but as I mentioned before, that is reserved only for a perfect chapter. I can’t wait to see what these two can do now that they are working together as teammates instead of as enemies.

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Isn't it Chapter 570?

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Well, i remember a long time ago when you said taht eventually Naruto and the Fox would become friends. I scoffed, and i have now been proven well and truly wrong.

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@Hameyadea: Yes it is 570.

@GodLen: Oh for God's sake go on, give it a 5/5; you said yourself that there was nothing wrong with it, how much more perfect do you want?

I thought this was a great chapter, the last page summing up the chapter and so much more. Seeing those 5 bijuu in their fully released states was awesome as well, cannot wait for the next one. I would say the best chapter since Madara was unleashed.

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@GIRUGAMESH: And I would agree, good sir!

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@Phoenix_Wright: no objections today, then ;)

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I've been waiting for this moment ever since we saw Kuruma inside that cage. You knew Naruto was going to make friends with him because that's what Naruto does. He brings out the best in everyone. Except for Sasuke, but that's a different story. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Naruto and Kyuubi fist bump was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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I was really impressed by the other 5 bijuus appearance, but Naruto releasing the Kurama, now this is what I call epic. We will finally see its appearance again! This chapter packs a wow.

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Epic chapter, I think we all were waiting for this to happen sooner or later.

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Wow, could this series be heading for more of a grand finale. They are summing up everything in this arc.

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