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Naruto has been stuck within Son Goku’s mouth for a few long weeks now. He has already missed Christmas and New Years, and he might miss Valentine's Day as well if he does’t come out of there soon. Lucky for Naruto, he is in talks with the actual beast itself, trying to win it over to the side of good. But can Naruto become friends with something that hates humans?


Son doesn’t really trust in Naruto, since every human that ever talked to him seemed to either be lying, or using him for his power; so his distrust is definitely not out of place. However, this is Naruto we are talking about here, proving himself to others is what he does best. The Nine Tails knows this to be true as well, thinking back to all the times when Naruto showed others who is boss.

Naruto springs into action, escaping from Son’s mouth by forcing him to throw up. With that all he has to do is remove that very small chakra receptor for Son to be free. But it’s just too strong, and won’t budge, even with his Nine Tail powers turned on; it’s never easy. Naruto must have planed on this happening, so he hid one of his clones inside of Son’s mouth, preparing himself to go into Sage mode. The plan is to push from the inside and pull from the outside, sounds simple enough. But with Tobi standing right there it just might not be that simple.


The little clip show that we were subject too in the middle of this chapter made me angry somewhat. It’s placement made sense, and it did remind me of all the times when Naruto ran his mouth to prove a point, but it could have been shorter. Though we all know its going to be a lot worse when this part hits the anime. Hell they might just make that into an episode in of itself. Also Tobi had plenty of time to capture the Nine Tails when he was inside of Son’s body, he should have acted quicker if he truly wanted to capture him. But we all know by now that Tobi is just an examiner of the Chunin Exams, and all this is just one of those crazy tests.


We are reintroduced to Naruto’s “way of the ninja” this chapter. Its a nice reminder to us all that he is more than just a demon fox container, but a ninja who has more conviction than anyone of his peers. I feel that this chapter could have been a lot more, like us actually seeing the chakra receptor come out, but overall it was pretty good.

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Another great chapter this week

I like this week chapter of Naruto a little better then One Piece chapter (just by a little)

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The fast pace that is happening in Naruto... has finally waned down on this chapter. It would have kept the momentum if Naruto removed the stake in this chapter.

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it was ok

@Destinyheroknight: your joking right

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I really didn't need several pages worth of flashback material reminding me that Naruto is basically the same. Other than that it was a good chapter.

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No, I'm not joking

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I really enjoyed this chapter. And I liked the meaning behind each Bijuu actually having a name and how Naruto related it to Tobi. I do agree that the whole recap of Naruto's past hardships was a little too extensive. They should've shortened it.
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@One_Piece_God said:

it was ok

I agree with this guy. It was ok. Definitely better than some of the other chapters in the arc but the highlight of the war for me was the Madara reveal and pwnage. Everything before and after that has been very meh to ok. The flashback really killed the pace, but for me it was no different than all the speeches everyone has been giving all throughout the arc.

I really just wanna see Sasuke, Naruto, Madara, Kabuto, and Tobi busting out techniques on each other, going crazy with hand to hand, or pwning large crowds with ease.

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I think the next few chapters, if not more, of Naruto will be epic. They will potentially end the Naruto Part II/Shippuden storyline, and possible Naruto as well. This seems a lot like the battle with Buu for me, where Pain was Cell, and Orochimaru/Deidara/Sasori were Frieza. And considering how GT sucked..... well as a fan of Naruto I guess I hope for a lot of really good Naruto movies for the future to spare fans the despair of the equivalent of Naruto GT. Although, I did like DBGT myself.

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