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Welcome to this week’s Naruto chapter. Remember what happened last chapter? Oh yes, our two favorite teachers, Kakashi and Guy have appeared on the battlefield to help Naruto and Bee sort out their Jinchuriki problem. Will these two be enough to turn the tide of battle?


Yeah, I don’t think so. Guy and Kakashi are a great addition to the battlefield, but they haven’t really achieved anything yet, besides keeping them occupied. Kakashi did however figure out that Tobi cannot use Pain’s abilities because of the drain on his chakra that controlling all these Jinchuriki with his eyes entails.

But the real surprise this chapter was the inclusion of Sasuke into this war. At first I was super confused when I saw his picture there, worried that I somehow skipped a chapter. But no I did not, Sasuke will be joining this war whether we like it or not!

Naruto is quickly running out of juice and is near empty by the end of this chapter. However, the Nine Tails stopped absorbing Naruto’s chakra at some point, so he’s actually helping Naruto, but it isn’t enough. We see that by the time this chapter is through, the Nine Tails too is running low, but has big plans in store for Naruto. He will do something to help protect his master, but what? My guess is that he will fully trasform into his Nine Tails form, which no one can stop at this point.


I wish Sasuke would enter the battle with more pizzaz, like during the middle of Naruto’s and Tobi’s fight for example. Instead we get, Sasuke has joined the game, now we have to wait ten chapters for him to find his way to the battle field.


Pretty ok chapter this time around, but I’m sure the next one will be all sorts of bad ass. Naruto is going to transform into something, or at least get a hella strong, and people are going to feel the pain.

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I don't think the Nine Tails is running low and yes I think he'll start giving him chakra and enabling him to go into the Tails form. Should be awesome, I hope.

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I didn't understand the whole random appearance of Sasuke I rather have him appear after this war is over so that the final arc (if we assume that Naruto is coming to an end) would be Sasuke and Naruto settling the score. It just felt random and didn't really fit especially since right after that we see Jugo and Suigetsu talking about Sasuke and Karin and what they are doing. It just felt out of place.

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I think Sasuke will make his apperence before the Christmas/New Year break. I hope Naruto gets to sit on the 9-tails like Bee can on the 8-tails.

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All three new chapters this week just flew by as I was reading them. I also liked the title page with the 8 jinchuurikis in AU battle gear.

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@Emeryl: I know right? That page was awesome.

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Well, this chapter explains that Naruto is tired from battle. I just don't get some people who like say that Naruto doesn't deserve his powers. With all that Shadow Clones he did in order to turn the tide of the war, of course Naruto is exhausted to his limits. I can see Nine Tails will have a change of heart and help Naruto since if Naruto dies, Nine Tails will die too. I hope we can see Naruto sitting on top of the Nine Tails.

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I feel bad for Jugo and Suigetsu in thinking Sasuke is their friend... I see them meeting Sasuke and Sasuke going emo trying to kill them because they looked at him the wrong way.

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Naruto is finally getting somewhere now! It's about time. I totally sense there being some sort of back story/origin story dedicated to the 9-tailed fox. I'm totally looking forward to that.

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SASUKE!!! */_\*

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did not like this chapter but i'm sure it will get better next week
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The reason Sasuke appeared right now is because he's the one who's gonna take down Tobi. He's gonna show up in the fight and take him down. Then he'll be the main villain and we'll have the Sasuke-Naruto fight that will end this manga.

Or at least that's my guess.

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@tximinoman: I seriously hope that doesn't happen, if this is the final fight scene consider me p**sed.

Post by tximinoman (61 posts) See mini bio Level 6

@GIRUGAMESH: Maybe Sasuke won't kill Tobi, but I'm pretty sure we'll have another arc with him as the main villain. It has to be that way, the last fight has to be against Sasuke, anything else won't make any sense. As long as I like Tobi as a villain (right now that we all know he's not Madara I like him less) this manga has never been about him, the same way it wasn't about Orochimaru or Pain. It's about two friends and the different lifepaths they chose, one through the light (Naruto) and the other through the darkness (Sasuke). The first part ended up when they chose those paths and had their first fight (wich was a very long time ago by the way) and this second part will end with their second and final fight.

And being that so, I'm guessing Sasuke's the one who'll kill Tobi, 'cause he have to take his place, and the only way I'm seing that happening is by having the most emo Uchiha killing the guy with the mask (wich, by the way, It's pretty obvious that is Obito).

(English is not my first language so sorry for my bad English, I tried my best and really hope at least you can understand what I meant hahaha)

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Muito massa

irado mano . Acho q Sasuke volta pra para aldeia e eles formam o grupo 9 denovo

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It can't be Obito,he didn't have anything against the Leaf and he certainly wasn't powerful enough or smart enough to do any of the things the masked man has done. He also would've had a reaction on seeing his own Sharingan. I also think the Ninetails is going to let Naruto transform into him without taking over. I am just wondering what Itachi is doing now and who is going to protect Konoha against Sasuke? Kakashi isn't a generale for nothing,he and Gai are really an amazing team and they have a lot to show. Both being very powerful.

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