Weekly Naruto: Chapter 561

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The super great ninja war spectacular is still ranging in the land of the ninja. Things are not looking too hot for our team of heroes for the real Madara just summoned a gigantic rock out of nowhere to fall down upon the battlefield. Will our heroes be able to put a stop to it, or will Gaara and friends be turned into ninja juice?


This chapter really made like the Thrid Tsuchikage, Onoki. Not only does he show us his bravery and never say die attitude when facing the giant rock, but his ability to shrug off the damage after it fell on him to fight bigger and better opponents, like Madara. Onoki is strong, using his power and his ability to reduce the weight of the rock, he is able to keep it from falling. However, Madara summons another one, which falls on top of the one Onoki is holding. This causes both to fall, taking out a ton of ninja underlings, but leaves the main contenders alive. The good news is that because of this Tsunade will now join the battle.

Another great point in this chapter was the Nine Tails willingness to give Naruto his power without a fight. He does this because he does not want to become a slave to madara again, and would rather have Naruto as his master than Madara. It’s great to see them working as a team. Naruto uses this power to stop Madara’s wood technique which would have taken out another really big chunk out of the allied forces. This wall of Great Rasengans even impressed Madara, which I’m sure is very hard to do.


Still dying to know Tobi’s real identity.


Great chapter, but I have a feeling that this battle with Madara is just getting started. I don’t think he is really trying yet, it feels like he is just testing all of his abilities first. Onoki fight with him is going to be epic as he goes all out, especially if Tsunade joins the battle as well.

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Cool chapter but it is pretty predictable that Onoki's going to die.

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Madara is annoying now...
I get that sharingan was derived from byakugan, & the rinnegan is evolved from the sharingan but why the hell did he have to get wood jutsu as well
why couldnt the power/cells he stole from shodia hokage just make him have that extra power boost to get rinnegan 
i was thinking what the hell can tsunade do? However she might have a secret jutsu that can fight madara or just the wood element or something lol
So what will happen in the coming chapters:
The Real Naruto & B Vs Tobi & The Jinjuriki (cant spell it), this means Tobi broke his promise becuase wasnt Saskue supposed to battle Naruto? I think this is when B sacrifices himself..flashback of Iruka saying take care of Naruto...Naruto flees whilst crying lol
Kabuto Vs Itachi, I dont think kabuto will die yet, Itachi might put a stop to the jutsu therefore stopping Madara in his current form & the other Edo guys
Ooniko & others + Tsunade (when she arrives) Vs Madara
i actually dont know whats going to happen in this battle..
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@acarter: to answer the question with shodai hokage, everyone who has his cells has wood powers given to them (Yamato, Danzo, etc).

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I have a feeling Onoki going to do something awesome

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yh i know but what makes Madara annoying now is that he has EMS Sharingan, Rinnegan & Wood jutsu
u might as well give him the dust tech, lava element, byakugan etc.
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yh i know but what makes Madara annoying now is that he has EMS Sharingan, Rinnegan & Wood jutsu
u might as well give him the dust tech, lava element, byakugan etc.

it's called Sosuke Aizen Syndrome, give a villain as many powersets as possible to make him nigh unbeatable.

the only thing that can beat it is "MCI" or "main character interference"

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You do know that Naruto isn't like Bleach (Itachi maybe able to stop the Edo)

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Onoki is the most badass geriatric anime character ever, Joseph Joestar you suck!

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@Destinyheroknight: i didn't say it was like Bleach, i'm saying that they're playing Madara the same way Bleach played Aizen, giving him many abilities to make him pretty much unbeatable.

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This was a good chapter. We're finally getting progress in the Naruto-Nine Tail Fox relationship. I think its about time they work together towards a common goal.

Looking forward to the next chapter :D

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Aizen is a special case
best antagonist ever until the implant of the hoyogukou (cant spell it) & the downfall of Bleach :(
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@KuroNekoXIII: that picture up top pissed me off. i always liked the fact that the nine tails wasn't good. seeing a happy GO NARUTO is not anywhere as cool as he was before. But i guess i will accept it if we get to see more super saiyan naruto fighting Aizen-ized Madara. @sharingan_eyes: totally had that comparison right honestly, we are (in keeping with the dragonball z thing) dealing with cell or even buu. Super powerful, has many powers.

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why is everyone complaining about madara being overpowered? this is a classic shonen formula and it dosent get much more shonen than naruto. i liked the twist and saw it coming due to the constant "home improvement's wilson-like" covering of tobi's face and his reaction to kabuto's thump card. and the aizen comparisons well i think people hate on it because early in the bleach story aizen is god-hacked. at least the naruto manga built up to these high levels

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Well, the Kyuubi going cheerleader on us has pretty much destroyed any notions of his being the final villain now (at this rate they'll be buddies before long); guess it's down to Sasuke, Tobi, Kabuto/Orochimaru and the Juubi now.

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