Weekly Naruto: Chapter 560

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@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

There is no Kill like Uchiha Overkill

so true. that meteor at the end was like a tactical nuke of a surprise. although this has me wondering... would undead madara be evil?

then again, I have a feeling that Tobi is indeed madara, but what must've happened is that he used the same cloning technique as Muu to make a permenant clone of himself that lived on after the big battle with the first hokage to be the menace that we all know and hate.

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@Destinyheroknight said:


How is it weak? They just push him out of it from the bottom (while no one have try doing it to Sasuke or Itachi)

Great chapter, Itachi need to get to Kabuto and force him to stop the zombies

Because he was outright attacked by Gaara's sand and had said defense immediately countered as if it was nothing.

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Gaara saw Sasuke's Susanoo and he know how tough it is (Gaara is a smart guy) so immediately countered it, is a good on showing Susanoo's weakness and Gaara's smartness (since no one ever thought to attack from the bottom before)

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@Wraxend: And don't forget what the second Mizukage said - if they (the new generation) can't beat the old generations by themselves, than they (the new ones) SHOULD be defeated.

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This chapter was so.....omg words can't express how good this chapter was. I honestly haven't been this excited about Naruto since Pein invaded Konaha

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man the comic is getting good, but godamn the anime is still shit.

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So the Uchiha can now obtain the rinengan? talk about a Overpowered -__-

good chap regardless

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Who else is waiting for sasuke to show up?
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@sasuke0447: me

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@sasuke0447 said:

Who else is waiting for sasuke to show up?

No I am waiting for Kabuto take his head out of his butt and summon Naruto's mom, dad, and Jiraya. Because:

1. We will finally see father vs son

2. It may push Naruto over the edge enough that he loses control of the 9 tails.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: That's not gonna happen man. Jiraiya's body was lost at sea, Kabuto admitted to not being able to collect his DNA so there's no way he can summon him using Edo Tensei. Minato and Naruto's mom were sealed away and can't be summoned using Edo Tensei as well. Kabuto stated so himself. That's why he can't summon any of the past Hokages, they were all sealed.


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@Newdeath: Well I just actually started reading the manga again (I actually jut use to watch the anime) instead of reading these review so I am a little lost on those small facts. But anyway dang so you are telling me he can bring back every other Kage, the 7 swordsman of the mist, Madara, and god knows who else and he can't even summon those 3 pathetic Kabuto just pathetic.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: It's actually not pathetic since apparently its impossible to summon anyone who's been sealed which is why he can't summon Minato who sealed himself when making Naruto the new jinchuriki, same thing goes for his mother, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju can't be summoned as well because they were both sealed by the Third Hokage who also sealed himself after fighting Orochimaru. So he can't resurrect anyone who's been sealed. As for Jiraiya, Jiraiya's body was lost at sea and is now deep in the ocean and its impossible now to retrieve any DNA from him.


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