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Madara has returned from the dead! Yes in case you are wondering, in order for you to return from the dead, you have to be dead first! Which means that the Madara we thought we all knew and loved was in fact not Madara at all. This has set off a powder keg of Naruto conspiracy theories around the interwebs. In reality he could be anyone, hell he still could be Madara in some strange way, like a clone or something. Will we get the answer this chapter?


Nope, we won’t get the answer this chapter. We don’t even get a hint! However, this isn’t really important for our heroes right now because they now have to fight Madara regardless of who the other one might be. Madara is one tough cookie, and is pretty much no match for anyone at the moment. Not only does he have the Mangekyou Sharingan, but the Rinnegan as well.

We learn this chapter that the Rinnegan is the evolved form of the Sharingan. So does that mean that Nagato used to have the Sharingan as well? Either way, this gives Madara as extra boost of power that puts him on the same level of a god. He in turn then uses his limit break Meteorain, which will probably kill everyone and force this manga to end. Damn you Madara!


Why can’t you tell us who the man under the mask really is? Why must you let us suffer like this?


The joint ninja army is screwed at the moment, how the hell can they take out a beast of a ninja like Madara. Hell, the other fake one should attack them too right now, the good guys won’t know what hit them! If I had to speculate, the only person right now who could probably take Madara on is Itachi, so he better hurry on up to their battle!

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Yeah it is looking like this Madara is quite a power house. Although I'm surprised no one nitpicked at the whole apparent weakness Susanoo, or at least Madara's version, has. Though on the plus side, it means Sasuke can make himself even more haxxor if the show requires him to be.

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How is it weak? They just push him out of it from the bottom (while no one have try doing it to Sasuke or Itachi)

Great chapter, Itachi need to get to Kabuto and force him to stop the zombies

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There is a popular theories spread around web that Naruto may get rinnegan.It will be rational to think that Naruto with his Kyuubi power and Rinnegan power(if he gets one) can be able to match Tobi.

The main illness of Naruto in this chapter is definetly Muu and Kabuto.

I was really involved in this chapter due to Rinnegan evolved from sharingan.


How about Naruto get Rinnegan in middle of the battle?

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Hmm so this might explain how Tobi gave Nagato the Rinnegan if it was from Madara. So if the Uchiha side of the Sage eventaully devolp the Rinnegan, What does the Senju/Uzumaki side develop?

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@Wraxend: The Senju inherited the body and physical energy of the Sage.


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@Newdeath: Yeah I know that but I was wondering if they would get any special abilitys if they developed their bodies and physical energy to another level.

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@Wraxend: Perhaps. Not enough of the Senju has been explored. I'm still baffled as to how Hashirama can supposedly control the Nine Tails and how he managed to defeat Madara.


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Hashirama probably had the evovled version to what ever abillities the Senju had seeing as he was able to beat Madara and control the Kyuubi at the same time.

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@Newdeath: I don't think the Senju clan will be explored sadly. Its gonna be Uzumaki vs Uchiha which is still both sides of the Sage's family. To be fair it was EMS Madara vs Hashirama not Rinnegan Madara so it was slightly more fair, if you can call that fair still lol.

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@Wraxend: Perhaps. Oh I was talking about EMS Madara :P but still I can't imagine Hashirama (from what we know of his abilities) defeating Madara.


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@Newdeath: Well if Madara wasn't working with Tobi he might have told the Allied shinobi forces how to defeat him or how Hashirama did. Out of all the battles that have been or are still to come that is the one fight I would love to see.

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@Wraxend: I'm not so sure he would have since he has a grudge against those who oppressed the Uchiha.


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@Newdeath: Oh yeah lol how'd I forget that.

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There is no Kill like Uchiha Overkill

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The suspense is killing me, who is under that mask?!?

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@ninjapanther: We'll probably find out in about ten chapters :P

Anyway, I liked this chapter but I'd give it 4 as well because there was barely any mention of Tobi in this chapter.


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please, please, PLEASE don't make Madara into Aizen and have him defeat like a dozen uber strong opponents only to be "defeated" at the last minute by the main character

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@sharingan_eyes: I couldnt agree with u more doe

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Awesome awesome chapter. Hopefully they can keep this up for a few chapters.

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