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If you remember correctly, Naruto has been in one of those spring cleaning moods for awhile now, cleaning up evil ninja’s with his new super saiyan indian chief powers. Last time he helped remove Mu from the battle with a newly created rasengan, and now he has his eyes on the third Raikage. Can Naruto take out one of the strongest kage’s yet?


Naruto has been on a roll recently, so this chapter is a welcome break as Naruto’s opponent doesn’t lay down and die as expected. Even though the third Raikage weak point is wind, a point blank shot with the rasengan shuriken does nothing but mess up his hair. This guy is tough, back when he was alive he could even stand toe to toe with a tailed beast, what a guy! Naruto’s tatics and use of his rasengan shuriken really impressed me though, he is a smart cookie after all.

However, after the rasengan shuriken, the Raikage decides to take things up to the next level by using his strongest technique. This technique is very similar to the chidori or Kakashi’s lightning edge, but the real deal. Not only that, but it seems to get more powerful the least amount of fingers he uses.

Naruto is not without his own finishing attacks as well. Using the Raikage’s scar as inspiration, Naruto remembers the one attack he has been training for, but hasn’t had the opportunity to use, the bijuu-dama. I don’t blame Naruto, I forgot all about this bad boy as well!


This chapter flew by it seems, and I feel like nothing really happened during it. I also feel like perhaps this fight should be fought by Bee instead of Naruto, but perhaps Bee had enough screen time already.


According to the narrator, this battle’s conclusion will happen next chapter; so I can assume that this bijuu dama will be strong enough to take out the “strongest shield” of the Narutoverse. But things are never that simple. For example I don’t think anyone has yet realized that the Raikage is in fact Harry Potter, due to his lightning bolt tattoo.

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so wait, he gets stronger the less fingers he uses? so that means his strongest move also flips off his opponent?
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Cool battle, glad Sasuke wasn't in this chapter

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What comes next, the Pegassus Ryusei Rasengan? OVERSOUL Rasengan? Jajaken Rasengan?
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Is it just me, or are all the third Kage's awesome? First we got the Third Hokage, who, according to Kishi, was pretty much the strongest ninja ever when he was in his prime. Then we got the Third Kazekage who was apparently better than both of his successors. Then we got the Third Tsuchikage, who's been ruling his village for what? Forty years? And now we got this guy, the Third Raikage, who in true Kumogakure fashion has proven himself to breath pure distilled, awesome. 
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The chapter was decent. I was glad that the 3rd Raikage wasn't a pushover and it was good to see Naruto unable to defeat him since he's been on a roll of running over ninjas recently and needed a wake up call. I didn't get however, why Kishi would bring us Sasuke at the end of the previous chapter and leave him completely untouched in this one. 
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@Kuma_From_Argentina said:

What comes next, the Pegassus Ryusei Rasengan? OVERSOUL Rasengan? Jajaken Rasengan?


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