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Last chapter Itachi became a good guy... again, and helped Naruto and Bee take out the not so crippled Nagato. Despite Kabuto’s wonderful plans (like allowing his zombies to talk), Itachi is just too powerful, and easily takes him out with a few well placed kunai and Susanoo. So What is in store for our heroes now?


The thing about Naruto (and all shonen heroes for that matter) is that they believe they can solve every problem by themselves, but because none of these characters are actually Goku, they can’t. Japanese and Eastern culture in general are all about group society, more than the individual, and this chapter spreads this idea like lice in kindergarden.

Naruto needs to bring an end to this war, and he believes he is the only one who can do this. Of course Itachi, being the only intelligent person here thinks this is crazy, and tells Naruto to allow him to take on Kabuto and his army of zombies. “Poppycock”, Naruto screams to this, “this is my burden to bear!” Itachi doesn’t buy it. He tells Naruto that he is getting awfully cocky now, and that people loved him so much before because he acknowledged their existence. This actually makes sense to Naruto, and he backs off, allowing Itachi to do whatever he pleases.

The chapter then heads over to the battle in the dessert with the 3 master kages taking on the united ninja army. On the last panel of the last page we see what could be Naruto coming in to save the day. Is Naruto powerful enough to take out a kage now?


“Don’t forget about your friends!”, after reading this panel, I realized that this panel just doesn’t apply to Naruto, but to the person who actually wrote it, Kishimoto himself! Kishimoto, you too can’t forget about the side characters you took so long to develop. I love Killer Bee just as much as any Joe Taxpayer, but what about character’s like Kiba, what the hell is he up to? Has Sakura ever really had a good one to one fight with anyone? Does Iruka have any special powers? Please don’t forget your characters Kishimoto.


This battle is racing toward its climax, since most of the enemies are dead (again). If that truly is Naruto in the last panel, then I would love to see him fight all out to take on these three guys by himself. At that point no one will stand in his way except Sasuke and Madara, goodie gumdrops.

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Nooo, Deus Ex Machina Crow you was the best character in Naruto! (but really, couldn't Itachi knock out the crow before killing it?)

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The chapter was pretty cool. I specifically liked Itachi telling Naruto to stop being so arrogant. But I don't think it's Naruto arriving at the last panel. I have reasons to believe so. If it was Naruto, why would he be concealed? It just doesn't make any sense. Not to mention Gaara's expression was one of fear. Maybe the Rasengan user was Kabuto's trump card? I could be wrong though. 
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Itachi's speech was nice.I think Itachi vs Kabuto.Should be like the fight Itachi and Orochimaru had but we never got to see.
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@Destinyheroknight:  Crow-kun is the best!!! 
An Iruka does have a super-power he is a fricking Highlander, he got hitted by the mother of all shurikens and got away with spinal damae or any lasting injury
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Once again the mass murderer is the one to be the most rational. Damn it, Kishomoto, where are the other good characters? Shouldn't they be a bigger part of this "war" or was it just an excuse to bring back dead people for cool or dramatic smaller fights?
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I think that Jiraiya is the person in the last panel. Unless I have forgotten that he can't be summoned like the hokages?
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@Anupsis said:
I think that Jiraiya is the person in the last panel. Unless I have forgotten that he can't be summoned like the hokages?
That is my idea too. Since Kabuto explained to Madara that Jiraiya can be revived by just the blood from the steel rods when he battled pain. I guess it is Jiraiya, since it can't be the 4th Hokage since his soul was sealed by the Shiki Fujin.
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