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Bee has won the fight, saving Naruto from his angry brother and his fist of lightning. The flashback is over, and we are starting to see why A and Bee are as cool as the story has been telling us for a while now. Now that Bee has overpowered his brother, will they both be able to run away from this monster? Let’s see.


Naruto loves himself some epic speeches, but this time it is Bee who will do the talking. As we mentioned before, it is the power of the heart that will drive them to victory, not the power of the monsters inside of them. However, even after explaining all of this A still does not seem to care. Naruto’s inner power is not his mother and father, who gave him their all to give him a fighting chance against this masked villain.

A finally launches an attack at Naruto, very much like the attack he launched at Naruto’s father many years ago. Naruto dodged that attack as well, and it looks like he did it using Minato’s Yellow Flash, AWESOME! But of course this was all just a way to test Naurto, and he passed with flying colors. He is free to do what he wants, and Naurto escapes out into the sunset (if there was a sunset). We are left with the idea that Naruto will be able to use his powers to figure out which one of the good guys are actually hidden White Zetsu.


What I learned from this chapter is that Naruto is the answer to all life’s problems, believe it!


This was one of those ‘feel good’ chapters. We all sometimes need Naruto to come along and make us feel awesome, and this chapter did it for me. Though it felt short, and could use an exploding kunai or two, but I’m sure we will see that soon enough when Naruto and gang have to fight this new threat on the horizon: the previous jinchuuriki with entirely new eyes. What more does Madara have up his sleeves?

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Im surprised you didn't mention more about the new eyes that the jinchuriki have. with one rinnegan and a Eternal Mangekou Sharingan added to each of them, this is quite a gauntlet that has been thrown down, and this war is going to get bloody.
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Madara has rised up to the ranks of the really Fu$%&$ Awesome villains of my list after this stroke of evil genius
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How that make him a genius?

If I have the same powers, I'll probably would do the same (also he didn't grab Naruto when he got the chance. So not really a evil genius, in my books)

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Come on, give the man some credit, he took the Tailed Beasts Hosts and gave them not only the Sharingan, but made them part of his own six paths..... 
That's kind of badass, and (I stand corrected) not a stroke of genius, but a clear cheap bastard action
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Meh, chapter outside of the last page for me.  This war has been packed to the brim with lovey-dovery, super cheesy feel good speeches.   Those are the negatives of the series rather than the positives imo. 

Decent last page, though it would have seemed more awesome to Kabuto hadn't already made like 50 million zombies a few months back.  Seeing more of them didn't do much for me.  Plus, they've all been crap ninjas despite their legendary status so far.  None of the ones who fought in the past seemed anywhere near as strong as they once were and others have been talked into suicide and other lame deaths.  I think Naruto with his new powers will run through these guys as easily as he ran through the other Pains with his old powers.
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