Weekly Naruto: Chapter 542

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In the last chapter a showdown of epic proportions has begun the brew in the land of the ninja. Naruto verse Tsunade, and Bee verse the Raikage. It is finally time for Naruto to take out the Hokage and claim the spot for himself. However, things haven’t gone that south yet, for right now we are stuck in Bee and Raikage’s flashback, where we are to understand the closeness of their brotherhood. How many tears will Bee and the Raikage squeeze out of us? Let’s find out.


Thankfully, the tears are still in my head, but maybe next chapter they will be spilled. Bee and Raikage work great with each other, though it definitely could be better. Bee’s cousin, the current Eight Tails jinchuuriki informed A that his counterpart has been chosen to be the next jinchuuriki, a burden he believes Bee can handle. But he warns A that this burden will eat him from the inside, and he must have something in his heart that will keep him from going crazy.

Bee grows older, gets the Eight Tails, and doesn’t go crazy... yet. The next time we see them both they are on a mission to take the Nine Tails. Of course the Leaf won’t let this national treasure be taken so easily, and sends their best team after them, mainly Naruto’s father. After a brief tussle, Minato complements Bee on his bravery, and the team from the Leaf take their leave. But before they go Minato warns Bee to figure out what he holds most important.


Wow, way to make the battle so creepy their Minato, I mean Bee just attacked you and you have nothing but nice things to say to him. “Oh Bee you are soooo brave. You are a true ninja who possesses something powerful... I would like to see sometime when my wife is not around.” This story isn’t doing much for me right now. I don’t see a difference between Bee back then and the Bee now, other than more confidence.


The next chapter should be the conclusion of this story I would hope. There I would like to see more of Bee’s growth, and more of A’s as well. Will these two fight each other after this is over? I really have no idea, but I’m sure there will be manly tears involved.

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I liked it. This is more about A than Bee. Minato was talking to Bee but he was really talking to A. Get it?
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It was alright.

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@Bellum: Yes you are right, why didn't I see that before! Bee is the one who is sound minded it seems, really its A that needs help.

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I watch the anime, i don't read, but i thot i'd read this anyway, who is A? is that bee's brother?
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The Raikage, yeah.
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