Weekly Naruto: Chapter 541

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Last time we saw our favorite orange ninja he was about to enter the battle, but before he could he was stopped by both Tsunade and the Raikage. This is not looking good for Bee and Naruto, since these adults are perhaps two of the strongest ninja in the world. Will Naruto be able to persuade them to step aside, or will he have to tell them with his fists.


Really, has Naruto ever been able to persuade anyone to let him do as he pleases? Ok, maybe a few times, but it isn’t his strong suit. This doesn’t work here unfortunitly and the Raikage steps in the way of Naruto’s escape. Naruto begs Tsunade, but his words won’t reach her this time, he must be stopped. This is starting to really piss off Raikage, because after all he is the boss of badass, and if I were him I too would knock Naruto to next Tuesday.

The Raikage starts to mock Naruto and his dad, surely this will calm Naruto down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t and only makes him madder. Naruto’s anger raises the Raikage’s anger, and now he wants to take Naruto’s life! This was not part of the plan, and Tsunade tries to calm him down, but it doesn’t work. What does work is that Bee jumps in and stops the fight, willing to take on his brother himself.

We are then thrown head first into a flashback, where we see how Killer Bee and the Raikage became brother’s in battle. They were both able to decapitate a training dummy using a double lariat, which can only be done with perfect synchronization. Just how will these two men become bros? We will see in the next chapter.


I don’t like the idea that this whole fist bump thing has something to do with chakra rather than something incredibly cool people like Bee do to each other. You don’t need to explain the magic of the fist bump, it is cool as it is.


Really great chapter this week. I’m liking how the Raikage just snapped and said it was ok to cool the kid. I mean, a lot of people hate Naruto in this world, and I’m sure if he was annoying me I would feel the same way too. But it looks like Naruto won’t be the one who fights him, and it also looks like we won’t be seeing a fight next chapter as well, for I feel like the flash back will consume all of it.

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can you read my mind with a fist bump, brah?
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Yes, Raikage kill Naruto and become the new main character

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This chapter perfectly paints the Raikage as a term i originally coined to describe Danzo, a BADASSHOLE.
Though in Danzo's case more emphasis is placed on the Asshole part, and the Raikage gets more emphasis on the Badass part.
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I wanted Naruto to Falcon Punch the Raikage into submission but it seems it wont happen...T-T
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Nice  chapter indeed
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No offense but I think that Raikage's dialog was kind of dumb I mean the whole point of stopping Naruto was to stop him from getting killed or captured because they need him, so BEST IDEA EVAH!: Kill Naruto? But otherwise a good chapter, Naruto is looking really powerful now.
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