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It has been some time hasn’t it? Well, I’m back from my vacation so its once again time to head on over the the great ninja war. Night time has befallen and Naruto is about to enter the battle, but before he does he needed to give his inner fox a good lecturing. Let’s find out if the fox listens or not.


These last two chapters have taken a page from the Scooby Doo manga, we got a mystery on our hands here! First before we tackle that Naruto goes on to tell the Nine Tailed Fox that someday he will erase all of his hate somehow. As corny as this sounds, I actually really enjoyed that. I believe that one day these two can walk down the beach hand in hand, best friends or possibly even lovers (kidding! That’s Sasuke’s job). I looking forward to seeing how the relationship evolves from here.

So basically the whole battle before this was just to have the white Zetsus absorb some of the good guy’s chakra so that they can infiltrate the good army and start killing people off that way. Hey, that’s actually very ninja like, Naruto just might be about ninja’s after all!

These last two chapters are all about this infiltration, with doctors being killed by an unknown person who ends up being a clone of Neji. Lucky for us, the pig saves us all, and no I’m not talking about Sakura. The final part of this story was that Raikage and the Hokage finally jumped in on Bee and Naruto, things are just getting interesting!


I think kishimoto could have done a better job with the whole, Neji killing the doctors thing. I don’t think for a second believed it was actually Neji doing the killing.


The battle has just gotten really interesting. Now not only do they have to worry about strong ninja beating them down, but their own comrades stabbing them in the back. What can the goods guys do to stop this? Next chapter we will see what happens when the kage’s take on Naruto. I actually believe Naruto and Bee have this in the bag, I mean the Hokage could not even take on Pain for god sakes!

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I agree that Kishimoto couldv'e done a better job with the Zetsu clone bit, but it was a long time coming for Sakura to take up the heroine role even for a brief moment, so Im happy for this.
also Pain and Itachi's chatting makes things interesting heading forward, even though they're saying stuff already known.
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Don't underestimate Tsunade. There were two reasons she didn't fight pain back in his invasion. 1, she had been spending all of her chakra constantly healing as many people as she could through Katsuya, and 2, Kishi's editors told him to speed the arc up and he had to cut out Tsunade's fight. 
Plus, y'know, the freaking awesome badass Raikage's there too. 
Oh, and there's not even going to be a fight between the Kage and Jinchuriki, they're just going to talk... well, there might be a brief skirmish between Naruto and the Raikage, but it won't be a full blown fight.
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i think the rushed the whole Neji infiltration aspect, they could have easily made that last a few chapters, really make us believe it WAS neji and try and figure out why he's doing it, but seeing as how SO much is going on, i can understand why it was moved along so briskly, i gotta admit, Naruto is on fire right now!
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Naruto is reminding me of Davis from Digimon Adventure 02, some how knowing all the answers to everyone problems. 
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DHK,how is that relevant
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I liked this chapter the war is starting to get good
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I'm happy Sakura finally made an appearance. She hasnt been mentioned since the war started,  
i cant help but wonder what Kishimoto is planning to do with Itachi and Pain.....we'll have to wait and see :P
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