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The first day has finally past in this giant war, and night time is upon us. Naruto has finally left the care of the cave, and is ready to get his ninja boots dirty with the blood of his enemies. Will Naruto save his friends in time, or will there be manly tears ahead?


Interesting chapter this time around, instead of jumping into the battle like I expected, Naruto spends the chapter talking to himself. As lame as that sounds, I actually enjoyed it. Basically this time around the Nine Tailed Fox finally decides to confront Naruto on his actions, instead of the other way around. He tells Naruto that his plans on ending the war, saving everyone, and erasing hate are pointless. At first you might think he is actually helping Naruto, but of course the fox is just being a grade “A” ass hole.

The fox uses Sasuke as an example. Naruto knew Sasuke was full of hate basically his entire life, but in the end could not even save this man who Naruto calls his best friend. If Naruto can’t help Sasuke, how is he going to bring peace to the world? Naruto remembers back to his school days where he was forced to spar with Sasuke. I think one of the most important reasons why they are showing this now is not just to drive home a point, but to show the traditions of the spar, because I can tell you now when Naruto and Sasuke fight, you will definitely see them make the symbol combat, and harmony.

Nine Tails does little to convince Naruto, in fact, he gets right in front of the fox’s eye, and tells him to shove it. Naruto, you are making me proud.


I can’t think of anything bad this chapter. Only that I wish Nine Tails would just become friends with Naruto already, they are like an old married couple.


The pieces are set, and the battle is about to begin. Naruto is now motivated to bring an end to this war, and I’m excited to see how he will do it. Though because of this chapter, I’m sure we will see a Naruto X Sasuke battle relatively soon.

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I didn't like this chapter that much. The Iruka filler arc covered a lot of this content better than the actual creator did and I really didn't need another reminder that in a shounen series, the power of friendship and self-confidence will conquer all.

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I also thought it was fantastic! I really enjoy Naruto taking control of the nine tails and being more assertive with his power. Can't wait for the following chapter.
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I initially scoffed at the idea of Naruto and Kyuubi becoming friends. And i still do, kind of. At this point i think it's possible they may become more courteous at the very least, maybe they'll stop hating each other.
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Maybe I just dislike Naruto, but I kind of agreed with Nine Tails on all points. Would be easier to just off Sasuke and be done with it. 
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Damn this chapter was good O.O I liked how Naruto totally pawned the nine-tails. Although i was kinda hoping for more action on Naruto's part,  i was satisfied with the chapter :P
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