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It’s Kakashi vs. Haku and Zabuza, and this time its for keeps. Kakashi has this battle all thought out and planned thanks to his highly skilled ninja buddies. But what he never expected was Haku to take the bullet for Zabuza, willing to sacrofice himself for his friend. If only Kakashi’s memory was better, he would have remembered that this exact situation has happened to him before! Let’s see how he handles it this time.


The utterly best thing about this chapter is that Kakashi now has Zabuza’s sword! Now he will go on a rampage, killing the millions of plant people until he reaches the big boss himself, I can see it now. But my dreams never do come true.

Basically this chapter was about Kakashi’s growing anger concerning the use of these dead ninja. He felt something for Haku and Zabuza, and now that he is fighting them again he realized that he owes them his thanks for helping Naruto grow. Naturally, the way ninjas thank people is by killing them. Even after Kakashi was slashed across his chest, he still was able to stick his lightning hand through Zabuza, and seal him and Haku for good.

We also see that the battle is not going as good in other places on the front. One mysterious ninja was even able to get all the way to the Supreme Commander, Gaara.


Was it really necessary to remind us every other panel about the previous fight with Zabuza? I mean it was a great fight and everything, but I don’t need to see it again, just hurry up and rip Zabuza’s head off already Kakashi! Though if I think this is bad, I can only expect the anime to be even worse with the flashbacks. It’s also sad knowing this is probably the last time we will see Zabuza as well.


Kakashi said he is going to go all out, which should be crazy because I thought we was going all out before, but I guess that was nothing compared to what’s to come. Also this upcoming Gaara fight should be interesting as well.
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Zabuza and Haku might become White Lanterns after this :) 
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Actually i'm pretty sure showing the old fight was necessary considering it happened like, 10 years ago and not everyone is going to remember it.
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nu uh Haku is totally gonna be a star sapphire <3
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I thought this fight was pretty bad ass.  I liked the flashbacks... some of which were new material.  I am really pumped to see more of the Muu, the Second Tsuchikage. 
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Kakashi with a blade and about to go on a rampage... if I were 5 years younger, I'd be ballin out that'd be awesome. now It looks like overkill.
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I wondering what is happening with the other ninjas 
Other Ninjas: Help us Kakashi! We getting kill over here
Kakashi: Shut up! I trying to have a flash back in the middle of this battle
Other Ninjas: But all of them have big swords!
Kakashi: Then man up, don't be a baby about it
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Aww men I really hoped the seven swordmen would give a bigger fight, but no, they get sealed away before the real action starts. This could have been such a awesome fight, instead we only got a (pretty good) flashback and nearly zero action from the 7 swordmen.
 So sad, there was so much potential in the beginning of the fight for all of them, but once again, the war is a big disapointment.
Well, at least there are plenty of fight's ahead we can get excited about
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@mr_monday:  You do realize that they've only sealed one of the swordsman right?
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 @ninjadude853 said:

" @mr_monday:  You do realize that they've only sealed one of the swordsman right? "

What, really?Did I misunderstood the chapter? That would be great (more swordmen fight) and also sad (am I too dumb to read manga?)
Well, I got the impression they were all captured, because while else would Kakashi talk about revenge while there are still 6 guys simply standing around doing nothing and not trying to kill him, that seemed/seems a bit strange to me. If they weren't caputred they would surely try to kill Kakashi, wouldn't they? Well, at least I'm sure that there were at least 2 people selaed away (maybe Haku was the second?)
Or did Kabuto summon them back while cursing about Kakashi?
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I wanted to kakashi go on a  rampage in the next one.
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A bunch of these are getting stuck on the forum board, so I'm just going to bump this so it goes away. XD
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