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The war rages on, with Kabuto and Deidara joining up to take Naruto and Killer Bee once and for all. Stuck on a giant turtle, our heroes have no escape and must now fight. Yet they can’t fight because Naruto and Killer Bee have no idea that their island is being attacked. Lucky for them the Tsuchikage has also arrived to help out the team, but will he be enough?

The Good

Tsuchikage must be powerful as hell for his rotund friend will not allow him to use this game changing technique. Seriously though he should have used that technique, that was probably the last opportunity he had firing that thing off; screw the turtle! Anyways, the Tsuchikage’s granddaughter starts in on the attack, and ends up trapping Kubuto, while Deidara and the Tsuchikage fight in the skies. Yamato and the adults show up just in time to capture Kabuto, but in the end Yamato gets caught and taken back to base. With that, all the rest of the attackers retreated, leaving everyone to wonder about Yamato’s fate; though Kabuto tells Madara to use him to create more Zetsus, which is never a good thing. Also it appears that Madara has installed the Rinnegan eye, fantastic.

The Bad 

I feel bad for Yamato, for I don’t think he is going to make it out of here alive. It’s sad because I always thought we was super powerful and everything, but in reality he really hasn’t done anything. Hopefully in the coming chapters he will have his own battle where he can show us how strong he really is.

What really saddens me is that this, once again, would not have been a problem if Naruto was up there and kicked all of their asses in his new transformed state!

The Verdict 3/5

I don’t want anything bad to happen to poor Yamato! But I guess it was never meant to be. I’m also excited in seeing just how powerful the Tsuchikage really is, and if they can all work together in rescuing Yamato. What will happen now? Will they actually rescue him somehow, or will they attempt to escape from the island. Most likely the bad guys will return and attempt to capture Naruto once again.
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Well, they just love showing off that armadillo penis, don't they? I'm telling you. VIZ is going to remove that, because seeing some nondescript penis is so traumatic.
It's reveals such as the one at the end here is why I'm pretty sure Naruto is coming to a close. How could Naruto get more powerful now that he has both Sage Mode and the chakra of the Kyuubi? Though, he still needs training in how to use it properly. There is also Madara. How could he get more powerful now that he has one of each of the two major eye types? There is room on that mask for a third. Maybe the Byakugan on the forehead. I wonder if that spells bad news for Neji or Hinata?
A bigger question, what does it say about my memory that I barely follow Naruto anymore, and I still remember the names of all these things? I don't follow Naruto much anymore, but when I do it's always scanlation. Forget VIZ Media and their censorship.



" First "

Honestly, what is the appeal of this? I don't get it. 
For one thing, it makes no sense. Two, it's seriously rude that the only thing you could manage to write in this article was one word that adds nothing at all to the discussion.
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I actually liked this chapter.  
Though I do agree Naruto is essentially so powerful now they are simply finding rediculous reasons to keep him out of fights that he will mop the floor with everyone in.
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It makes sense that Yamato was kidnapped rather than trying to go in after Naruto and Killa Bee. Mainly because he's one of Orichimaru's creations anyway and because he's a rip of the First Hokage's DNA (I believe it was the first) and Madera was farming clones, or Kabuto was (still not clear on that but not like I can read the back issues anyway.) of the 1st Hokage, maybe this will help make those clones more complete so they have an army of 1st hokage's available to their arsenal. 
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ARMADILLO P3N!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this chapter was ok...not the best but it was ok. 
i didnt like how there was a bit of humour at the beginning, then it totally turns into something serious. the sudden change in mood was kinda weird, but thats just me XD
Naruto's stupidity didnt surprise me XD i saw it coming :P  

oh! but i liked madara's line at the end..."My left eye is itching for a fight" man that was totally cool, but creepy too!
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yup it was the 1st hokage, he was the wood element user 
ur prediction might actually be true...we'll have to wait and see :P
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@FoxxFireArt: Oh yea regarding the censors does that count for Shounen Jump magazines too, because i just saw one and Luffy was bleeding.  
I don't follow Naruto much anymore either until they get they return Naruto vs Sasuke and give Pain back his original record the story keeps on getting thinner for me of course for die hard Naruto fans it is great, but for me a die hard Sasuke fan it is boring.  Anyway I only read scans anyway for the top 3. I might go ahead and finish up Dragonball Z and Death Note, but as I say on the own many Viz related manga.  
I am really loving Bleach now and exceptionally and closely following One Piece even more thanks to the time skip
Oh and yea I was the first to write a comment which doesn't happen often for me
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I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the Japanese version of Shonen Jump, or the U.S. publication?
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@FoxxFireArt: The us publication seriously I am looking at it right now 
I see Oars bleeding like crazy
I see Luffy with some slight blood marks 
Then I go too the Naruto section and see Danzo bleeding from his mouth
A flashback of Itachi bleeding 
A shit Danzo just crushhed with blood going everywhere  
Sasuke bleeding
Then of course Bleach gets the most blood
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