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Naruto has been all about Akatsuki these last few chapters, with the Pain trio having most of the screen time. Konan put up a decent fight against Madara in the last chapter drowning her victim in billions of explosive tags, yet it did nothing to save her life. Madara now knows where the Rinnegan is hidden, giving the bad guy another piece of the puzzle and one step closer to world domination. Will the Pain trio rise from the grave and put an end to Madara once and for all?

The Good

Naturally we received a flashback after each one of the Pain trio died, so now that they all are dead we get a final flashback about the group as a whole. Basically this time it took place in their first secret hideout when they were in training with Jiraiya. The whole sad tale is basically about flipping over signs to signify whether they were in their club room or not. Fast forward to the present, Konan’s sign in this warn down building that wasn’t flipped over this entire time has finally been flipped. Get it? It’s because she is dead. Deep, I know.

Moving on, Madara has gotten himself a brand new Uchiha-themed mask, which might give him some extra abilities, or just might just be the cosplay outfit his mother made because of course Madara doesn’t know how to sew. He also has with him a new weapon of sorts, which looks like a giant fan, or sword or something. Either way its time to finally put their balls to the wall and steal the Nine Tailed Fox from Naruto, hurray!

The Bad

Finally, the Pain trio is dead and I never have to hear about them ever again. Don’t get me wrong, my rage hasn’t always been here, let me give you an insider peek at my thoughts on the subject.

At first...
“Oh my God Pain is so bad ass, there are like a hundred of him! Look he’s taking Konoha all by himself! They killed Kakashi, BEST AKATSUKI EVER!!

“Ok, so they aren’t really bad guys, they just want to do the right thing. So you can’t stand up from that bed Nagato and have an amazing showdown with Naruto, not everyone can be Zabuza.”

“We are best friends! Wearing giant toad suits! Going to save the world! Volunteering at the old folks home! Building rainbow bridges! Hang me.”

Look at what you did Kishimoto! You took a group of badasses and made them the laughing stock of the organization. Well the good news is that we won’t be seeing them anytime soon.

The Verdict 2/5

Finally, it is time to get this party started! Madara is going to bring the fight to Naruto and friends, with his brand new mask, and brand new stick thingy. Will Naruto remain on the island and wait it to be attacked, or will he now be on the run? Will Sasuke play a role in this battle as well, or is Kishimoto waiting for later?
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Lolz. The flashback had me wondering what the Hell I just read, but for some reason Madara's new mask scares the crap out of me.
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Is Kishimoto trying to rip off Legend of Zelda? Madara's new mask looks kind of similar to the Mask of Truth from the Legend of Zelda games.
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OK, so Madara is wearing his original 80 years outfit. Are we reaching the end of the story or what??? Well, maybe just Madara's end. Who knows
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Soon all Naruto characters will be faster than light, Planet busters, intangible,unlimited jutsu, masters! Lol I just think things like that will happen in the last few chapters.
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"  You took a group of badasses and made them the laughing stock of the organization. Well the good news is that we won’t be seeing them anytime soon."
Well that's back when they were kids...
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The ripples on Madara's mask is meant to represent the Rinnegan he now possess. 
Post by InfiniteGeass (527 posts) See mini bio Level 12
I'm not sure if he does or not, but it looked like there's an Uchiha fan symbol on the back of Madara's uniform. I thought that was kind of neat.
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i think this guy hates naruto he aways gives it 2/5 for dumb reasons the chapter wasn't that bad T_T

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In truth it was pretty good not that bad, but it is kinda boring looking at Pain's past again I mean it really were looking at there past again WTF. So I would give it a 3/5
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yeah, because everyone knows that sympathetic and human characters are just boring as shit, and that they can't possibly be interesting, because clearly all anyone cares about is fights and how cool stuff looks, and that the only thing that matters is how everyone should be badass, having at least one or two people to make the whole organization well rounded and not just a bunch of misunderstood villains
Pein, Konan and Itachi were the ONLY good people on an organization of otherwise pure evil people.
i personnaly give this chapter a 2/5 because it was boring as shit, 
oh, and the fan/sword thing is what he used back in the early days of konoha
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Seems like Godlem forgot that they were trained by Jiraiya not a cold heart douche like Orochimaru. THey had to have some good in them otherwise Jiraiya would of killed them when he had the chance. Is like when he thought Tsunade would betrayed the Leaf village. Even if he liked her and was her partner for so many years he said if she consider betraying the village he would kill her. 
Sop there had to be some good in the Pain trio. To me it made sense.
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madara's new costume looks AMAZING!!!!
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Just like I said on facebook, now even the MANGA has fillers. 
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i hated this chapter, i personally think the series is getting a little ridiculous with the whole akatsuki arc, and that it has been drawn out waaaay too long
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cant get over jiraiya's grin! :D
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riiiight, now Madara have more holes in his mask, what could this possibly mean
Post by DevilMayhem666 (261 posts) See mini bio Level 10
No, not really.
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@DevilMayhem666: what do you mean not really
he have three holes as opposed to his one, he came back to take two rinnegan
 he used to have two functioning eye, one he used in that plot coupon attack, therefore one eye is left
Post by DevilMayhem666 (261 posts) See mini bio Level 10
That's not a hole near the forehead of the mask. Just a symbol of a tomoye. 
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