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Last week was all about our favorite shark man who isn’t Arlong, Kisame. Sadly, he perished in the last chapter in order to help protect the secrets of Akatsuki and its leader. Nevertheless, he still won and the message still got out that Naruto and Bee are hiding on giant monster island. The chapter ended with Akatsuki member Konan confronting Madara, but will she survive against such a monster?

The Good

Konan really hasn’t done much in the story yet, really only doing some of the back end work for the organization, but now it is time for her to get down and dirty. Madara only wants what was supposedly his, the organization which he started, and the Rinnegan which he allegedly gave Nagato, that’s all. Of course Konan will give him neither, for she now knows that Madara is in fact a very bad man and must be stopped at all costs. However, her paper ninja stars are not cutting it, and Madara easily absorbs her to collect the information the hard way.

But before she can be absorbed, she self sacrifices herself by blowing everything up. This nearly works, taking Madara’s arm and part of his mask in the process, revealing Obito! (I kid.) Madara absorbed part of the explosion and saved Konan’s life so that she can live to tell him where Nagato is hiding. She of course has other plans, and goes all Moses on him by turning the water into paper and separating it in half.

The Bad

This is perhaps Konan’s only real “battle” and she has already got some pretty big death flags stuck on her, with the flashback being the biggest one. She doesn’t appear to be weak, but she is perhaps the worst Akatsuki member on their team. I just have no desire to care about this character at all when there is a good chance she is going to be dead in the next chapter. And we all know Yomiko Readman would kick her ass anyway.

The Verdict 2/5 

Konan was doomed from the beginning, once Madara showed up she had no chance. Really, the only thing she can do is run away, and even then Madara would either track her down, or just find Nagato and kill him. Well, I guess I shouldn’t feel bad for her, she should have never joined an evil organization in the first place. We all know Madara will survive this somehow; hell he could probably fly.
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Poor Konan. The mystery surrounding Madara still grows however, as I've read some absurd suggestions especially with Kabuto reviving all of the Akatsuki +1 super secret body!
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Go paper sister :)
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So got a little mixed up on the he's and she's on this one in your recap unless some people were going through sex changes mid episode ;).
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DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, konan is a badass, who knew?
also, were you paying attention to this chapter at all? as far as she knows, akatsuki started as an organization dedicated to create peace through negotiation, it WASN'T EVIL TO HER
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the reviewer almost sounds like they think nagato is alive, and it also almost sounds like they think konan joined akatsuki when it was evil. both of which are wrong obviously; probably but just a bit of botched grammar or syntax. lol
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@ihatecats said:
"the reviewer almost sounds like they think nagato is alive"

Yeah i get this feeling and having re-read it looks like  the reviewer thinks this lol. Now i think Konan has the upper hand in this fight now but i have a horrible feeling that Zombie Akatsuki might turn up.
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This chapter was just only one long action scene and a flashback to me. i hope to see some plot next week :P
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I'm so far behind on this.
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Konan is awesome and I wish she would win this battle, but I highly doubt that will happen.
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I told you it was Madara Inhabiting Obito's Body. Of course it's not Obito, it's Madara Inside Him... Why else would Zetsu Reconstruct Obito's Body? To Keep Madara Alive. It comes to my conclusion that team " Madara" Wins! But, It hasn't annouce that is actually Obito. Not full of the mask if broken. You should've never put " Obito " at top. Change It!
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I notice a major inconsistency here. Madara's seeking Nagato's corpse to get the Rinnegan. Except chapters earlier, Nagato's clearly shown to be one of the corpses that Kabuto brought back to life with Impure World Resurrection. What's going on here?
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@Dream: it also says that he GAVE nagato the rinnegan, so it stands to reason that nagato doesn't have it naturally, therefore his zombie form doesn't have it either
Post by GodLen (877 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Yeah, I totally forgot Nagato died. Maybe because he died so anticlimactically that I forgot. And even if she joined Akatsuki when it was good, she could have left when they started to do evil stuff. So she will not get my pity today! 
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@Dream: Nagato's body was taken by Konan. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the resurrected corpse Tendo Pain, aka Yahiko?
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@Dream:  Scratch that, you were right. Just looked again and it does appear to be the body of Nagato.
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@ninjadude853:  Madara's nagging Konan for the whereabouts of the corpse because she carried it off with her after he died following the failed attempt to capture Naruto. This would be all well and good if it weren't for the fact Kabuto clearly resurrected Nagato about 20 chapters earlier and shown in the flesh. And I don't think Konan is even remotely aware about Kabuto unless she's omniscient.
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@Dream: I noticed it as well. It is quite strange. This seems to be a major flaw in the story through my eyes. 
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Actually after looking up info on Edo Tensei, I realize I made a goof-up thanks to how I thought the technique was being done. Instead of the corpses being brought back to life, the people used as sacrifices for the summon were used as hosts for the souls. Mistake's on my end. XD
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It sucks
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