Weekly Manga Releases: April 22, 2014

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week's manga releases. This blog was one of Sora_thekey's project back in Anime Vice where he informs folks about weekly manga releases in the states. This is our way of encouraging folks to support the industry.

For this week, I'm only familiar with Watamote after seeing only the anime version. I love the anime. The manga is on my wish list. Other manga series I'm interested is Animal Land, Bunny Drop, and Flowers of Evil. Being a big fan of Zatch Bell, I didn't know Makoto Raiku did another series. I'm curious about Animal Land. I chose Bunny Drop because it was an anime series that Sora loved. I'm not much of a slice of life fan, but there are some series in the genre I loved, Sket Dance and Pet Girl of Sakurasou. Of course, Flowers of Evil was the dark horse anime series back in 2013. I still haven't seen the anime or read the manga, but it was popular back in my community. I seen the anime screenshots with the infamous retroscope.

All comments are welcome. I would love your two cents on these series. What series are you interested in? Thank you.


Note: This time, I posted in Comic Vine first since Anime Vice's image uploading is lagging. Plus, it would be interesting to see how the list looks like from being pasted from CV in AV. I did the opposite way for the last Quick Picks.

Thanks to PikaHyper for uploading this week's manga releases.

For the Light Novels, I have to add them in AV's database later.


Animal Land Vol. 9
  • Distributor: Kodansha Comics
  • Suggested retail price: $10.99
With the fate of the entire animal kingdom at stake, Taroza and his friends tackle the dreaded Tower of Babel and its cohort of monstrous chimera guardians. They were prepared for a fight, but were they expecting to see... humans?The tragic past behind the tower's purpose is brought to light, and Taroza's leadership ability is tested when he must choose between the greater goal and the lives of his friends...

Bunny Drop Vol. 10

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $14

As Rin and Daikichi embark on a new kind of life together, this collection of vignettes takes a trip down memory lane: Snapshots of Daikichi's chaotic life immediately after taking in Rin, his evolution from bachelor to parent, and his growing understanding of his duties not only to Rin, but also to his parents. Kouki's childhood with Rin, his time as a young delinquent, and the story behind his scar. Masako's struggles with the decision to give up her child, and her fateful meeting with her future husband. Like looking through an old photo album, these unique stories of the unlikely pair of Rin and Daikichi and their friends and family are colored into exquisite detail in this final volume of Bunny Drop!

Higurashi: When They Cry - Festival Accompanying Arc 4

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $18.99

At last, after countless failures, Rika has exposed Takano's mad plot to destroy the village of Hinamizawa for the sake of her and her grandfather's research. Barricading herself in Irie Clinic, Takano draws her allies in close even as Rika and her friends organize a siege outside the facility. Takano's cleverness has allowed her to elude capture in every other world. Will Rika find a way to defeat her would-be murderer and reclaim her life beyond the Cotton Drifting? This final confrontation will decide ...

Inu x Boku SS Vol. 3

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $11.99

The residents of Ayakashi Hall decide to make a time capsule and bury it on the grounds, so everyone writes letters to their "future selves" to be included within. As Ririchiyo composes her letter, she reflects on her time with Soushi, realizing how much she has grown with the fox at her side. But when those heartfelt feelings are accidentally delivered not to her future self but to Soushi, Ririchiyo's budding social skills will be put to the test! Is she ready for a face-to-face confession of her true feelings?!

Watamote Vol. 3

  • Alias: No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $11.99
Mokocchi's second semester of high school has only just begun, but already it's taken a turn for the worst, as the dreaded tradition of seat changing lands her smack-dab in the middle of the cool kids' action. As if dealing with their not-so-subtle barbs wasn't bad enough, this time in the school year is overflowing with social events, including the most notorious and legendary of them all: the cultural festival! How will poor Mokocchi survive?!

Umineko When They Cry Episode 3: Banquet of the Golden Witch

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $21.99

Determined to secure a place of respect within the Ushiromiya family, Eva stretches her wits to their limit and successfully solves Beatrice's riddle! There is more than enough gold in the family fortune to ease everyone's financial woes, but Eva has no intention of sharing her findings with her siblings.

Eva has claimed more than Beatrice's gold - she has claimed also the role of "Beatrice the Golden Witch" for herself! And there are still nine nights that each demand a sacrifice be carried out...

Bride of the Water God Volume 15

  • Distributor: Dark Horse Comics
  • Release date: 04-23
  • Suggested retail price: $9.99

Mui and Soah's attempts to live happily in the human world are complicated by Soah's former fiance and his sister, who quickly falls in love with the powerless Mui and vows to steal him from Soah! What's worse, Mui's curse makes him revert to his childlike form whenever Soah is near!

Light Novels

Spice & Wolf Novel 11 (Side Colors II)

  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $8.99

Side Colors II departs once more from Lawrence and Holo's travels north, taking the reader off the beaten path to explore three exquisite side stories. Remember, it's not so much about the destination as it is the journey...

Sword Art Online Novel 1: Aincrad Part 1
  • Distributor: Yen Press
  • Suggested retail price: $9.74
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