Weekly Bleach Discussion: Chapter 475

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Last chapter we all learned a terrible, terrible secret from our new best friend Ginjo. Soul Society is tracking everyone who owns a Shinigami Representative badge, because they don’t trust us. Yes, I broke mine as soon as I found out, and I beg you all to do the same. Be like Ichigo and bankai your badge to hell, and come join our battle against Soul Society!


This chapter was actually pretty damn great, because Ichigo said exactly what I wanted him to say, and what I expected him to say. His “No really, shut up” like made me stand up and salute my laptop, screaming “Yeeeeahh booooyy” like Killer Bee. Yes, Ginjo please do shut up. Though was surprised when that first shut up was directed toward Ishida. Ichigo is smart, he knew that he was being had from the get go. But because it was so obvious to Ichigo, he had a decision to make. That’s either to go with it or not. He choose to be a pawn, so that he could attain enough power to protect everyone he loves. And right now he must defeat Ginjo in order to protect his friends.

Ginjo plays the “I didn’t want to do this” card, and decides its time to kill Ichigo. So he too uses his bankai, which was another thing he stole from Ichigo. This transforms him into Scar from the Lion King, let’s hope he is more successful.


Ichigo only told Ginjo to shut up twice.


Ginjo might be strong, but is he really strong enough to take on Ichigo and all his friends, including a few Soul Society captains all at once? We all know that Ichigo should just step down from this battle and just let Kenpachi take this one. Though I’m sure he would do the exact same thing he did last battle and finish it with one hit.

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I was just generally pleased to see he still has his Bankai, which given his recent showings is in for a massive upgrade in power.

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Don't think Ginjo stole his bankai from ichigo. He's a substitute shinigami as well, he can have one of his own, can't he?

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Kenpachi battling Ginjo? That is a good idea. Ichigo won't need to dirty his hands. But this won't happen though.

His bankai is still badass as always. Tensa Zangetsu became even more badass. Ichigo destroyed the indestuctible barrier of Yukio without batting an eye. Can't wait to see this fight. We need to see Ginjo's power.

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I think we should all take a moment and enjoy the bad ass epicness of Ichigo's bankai......XD

I do have to say though as epic as it I hope it has a few new powers than before also if he has his shikai, and bankai does he still have his inner hollow and all the powers with that or if not and this is what his powers look like without them sorta like its purest form

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Interesting how ginjo looks a little like hollow ichigo... white hair, black eyes, anyone else seeing this?

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I thought Ichigo's Bankai would be different since his zanpakuto was also different in it's normal form. I just keep wondering if that's still Zangetsu. It looks as if his Bankai has some touches of this fullbring ability.

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@FoxxFireArt: I was thinking the same thing is this still Zangestu?

I thought he lost his fullbring powers when Gingo stabbed him?

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With the return of his Soul Reaper powers, would he still have his Hollowfication?

Ichigo Kurosaki's Completed Fullbring
Ichigo Kurosaki's Completed Fullbring

Yeah, but look at his arms and neck. That has some aspects of this Fullbring form.

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I just hope this fight is good, the only fight that has been good this arc was Ikkaku's while the rest were crap.

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@FoxxFireArt: Lol I said the same thing about his hollowfication maybe this is like his zanpakuto without his hollow from corrupting it making this a "pure form" of Zangestu

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@FoxxFireArt: One's spirit form reflects the state of their spirit. Perhaps Ichigo's Fullbring experience, or even just the emotions around it, have altered his spirit to cause the new appearance.

As for Hollowfication, I get the feeling he doesn't have that right now, though I'd be shocked if it didn't come back at some point.

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Ginjo's bankai just looks plain dumb
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I love this Arc even tho Tsuki seemed like a more appropriate big bad than Ginjo.
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For a moment I was afraid this was going to devolve into an anti government control being watched screed. Sooo glad I was wrong and glad to see at least a little more thought into a bleach plot line. Was actually an interesting twist here. I agree these basically unlicensed death god users should of course be watched. Just as doctors are licensed and watched in America etc..

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@FoxxFireArt: I hope he still has his Hollowfication. It would be like Goku losing Super Saiyan 3, it just wouldn't sit right with me.

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to me this whole arc has been "meh" at best

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Isn't this just an upgrade for Ichigo. Ginjo said that souls have memory which is why Ichigo's badge turned into a pseudo-shinigami uniform, so it's likely that his own soul would remember all of his experiences including Final Getsuga. I don't think he's just a Shinigami, just like Aizen he might now be something entirely different since we found out that he wasn't really a Shinigami but a Vizard before afterall. And this is most likely not Zangetsu, similar, but not quite.

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@sharingan_eyes said:

to me this whole arc has been "meh" at best


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