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Last chapter Byakuya had finally done the impossible, he falcon punched Tsukishima to death using a fistful of his own blade shards. Yes, you will get the Purple Heart for that one Byakuya. However, since this is Bleach, Tsukishima might not be dead yet. Let’s find out what happens.


This chapter is basically about everyone coming back together again after the hard fight to crack jokes and tell tales of their bravery on the battlefield. Though there really isn’t much of that happening, and more of everyone yelling at each other for taking too long, or sustaining too much damage. Which is something I can agree with, a majority of these fullbringers were way too weak, and should have been defeated in an instant, even if they are girls. Things will change when I’m captain!

The battle is heating up between Ichigo and Ginjo. They are both going at it at full speed, and both are not really making any headway in this battle. However, the tone suddenly changes when Ginjo tells Ichigo that Tsukishima is dying, and that if a fullbringer dies, their power disappears from this world (how convenient). If that’s the case, then all of Ichigo’s friends will return back to normal and everything is cool in this world. Then Ichigo asks him what exactly he is fighting for, which puzzles Ichigo. It seems like every villain asks Ichigo this same question, and he never has an answer.

Here is you answer dumb ass: “You stole my goddamn power, tricked me, and tried to kill me, is that a good enough answer?” Seriously Ichigo, this isn’t rocket science. Finally Ginjo tells us that he knows who the real villian is, which of course will lead to some kind of a flashback. Spoilers, it’s probably Soul Society.


I’m getting really tired of the “what are you fighting for” or “why become stronger” question that’s always being asked around Ichigo. As already stated, he fights for his friends, now let’s move on already! Also Yukio’s explanation for the reason why he cannot break Ginjo’s barrier is pretty weak, “we made a promise” doesn’t do it for me. Is this a magical promise that cannot be broken, or just a promise in good faith?


I’m sort of curious in seeing Ginjo’s past, especially how he because a substitute Shinigami. It doesn’t surprise me that the Shinigami have screwed over another person, like the Quincys, but this is probably not their fault. Hell he is probably angry at Aizen, and never realized he was a bad guy to begin with!

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It seemed pretty clear that the promise thing was binding, as in Yukio literally could not undo the barrier if he tried. He was being held at Hyouinmaru-point after all.

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@AgentJ said:

It seemed pretty clear that the promise thing was binding, as in Yukio literally could not undo the barrier if he tried. He was being held at Hyouinmaru-point after all.


and, I'm wondering if this is all a bluff... and if Tsukishima really had Ginjo under mind control the first time, or is he double-bluffing Ichigo?

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Good chapter but I get the feeling Ichigo is holding back.
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The fact that Renji wasn't sure if Jackie is dead gives me some hope she managed to survive.

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It made me think that he said it because he outright spared her and just didn't want to say it. I'm with you, I'd like her to survive.

I'm interested to see what will happen with Rukia and Riruka. I actually kinda hope Riruka has merged with Rukia. If only because it would be rather interesting to see Ichigo's reaction to it.

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I'm confused. If Ginjou was a Substitute Shinigami, why would he use his Fullbringer Power? Did he merge his Zanpakuto into his cross necklace (if so, why didn't he use a command release)?

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cause he lost his S.R powers an learned how to use fullbringer. im pretty sure fullbringer has nothing to do with zanpakutos cause the other 6 dont even have one! is orihimes power fullbringer cause they way they explained it was chad gained his powers from being around ichigo high reiatsu but they never said anything about her ability?

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I know this Is unrelated to the manga, but in the latest opening for the anime, I just noticed that they used a piece of opening from every opening for bleach, and just changed it up a bit by adding the newest characters and etc.. if you look properly you can spot them all

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