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Last chapter we were stuck with Riruka’s back story as she talked off our ear about the “survival of the fittest”, and of friends, and of loneliness. This is the last we will probably see of Riruka, so let’s move on to bigger and better things.


Riruka has disappeared, probably meaning she has either killed herself someway, or ninja vanished herself away to safety. I don’t blame her, she was only a few seconds away from becoming a popsicle. However, this chapter is not about this cat fight, but the fight we all really care about, Tsukishima vs. Byakuya.

Now I was very impressed by the way this battle ended. I expected Byakuya to pull out some kind of new move he hadn’t practiced with Tsukishima before, but he didn’t. Basically, in order for Byakuya to defeat Tsukishima, he had to put himself in danger by using his blade petals within his safe zone. However, this alone was not enough to take Tsukishima out, in fact what it did was give him a false sense of security. With that he made Tsukishima believe that he was using kido, when in fact he held a handful of blades, which he hadoukened through Tsukishima’s chest. With that he thanks Tsukishima for a wonderful fight, and everyone claps.


Those few extra pages wasted on Rukia could have shown Byakuya mounting Tsukishima while he punched his face into the ground with his bloody fist.


You deserved this win Byakuya, but is Tsukishima really down for the count? I mean this is Bleach after all, a hole in the chest is like an everyday thing down there; especially if you are a hollow. I’m still waiting on Tsukishima to say that when he inserted himself in Byakuya’s memory, not only did he help train Byakuya, but he also freed Aizen, or something like that. Either way this arc is coming to a close, with only Ichigo’s fight to take us home.

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That was what sounded in my mind when Byakuya punched a hole throught Tsukishima.

Hokuto Shin Ken: Senbonsakura

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I've been waiting to see Byakuya kick this guys ass. He's so annoying. After the way he cowardly attacked Ichigo's family. I also want Jackie Tristan to survive.

Here's a thought. If hollows that are killed by a zanpakuto go to the Soul Society, what about humans? Couldn't humans or hollows(such as Arrancar or Espada) killed by Soul Reapers mean that these characters could reappear as future Soul Reapers in the Soul Society?

I sort of like this arc, but it's kind of feeling like a manga equivalent of the Bount Arc from the anime. After Aizen, who is going to be the next big bad villain of this series. It's nice to finally have Chad's power explained a bit more. There should still be more story to tell. I remember reading that Tite Kubo promised to one day explain the source of Yachiru's name.

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Well, the Quincy(humans) were wiped out by the Shinigami but we didn't really see any of them as a Shinigami......

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Yeah, but they weren't hollows. The zanpakuto works the same way as the konso. It wipes clean the sins of the hollow after the human's death. The Espada and Arrancar are hollows. Their souls should have been sent to the Soul Society.

Just because we haven't seen any Quncy doesn't mean their souls aren't in the Soul Society somewhere. It just more means they are souls without power there. It just works as a nice out if Kubo wanted to bring back a few Esapda as Soul Reapers. The Shonen series does love taking villains and making them allies. I'm still wondering what became of Nel Tu. I did read that Tier Halibel somehow survived and went back the Hueco Mundo (it was told in one of the character books).

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meh, I found it to be

kubo: "I'm bored, let's kill off this guy".

'flower punch' is not the way to go. You'd be laughed at in shounen villain hell!

Trivia: I'm pretty sure this is the only time byakuya punched anyone in any media (he's always been a slappy guy in games).

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I hope Shukuro is dead. These reality bending abilities are getting to be too much.

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