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So last chapter we left Rukia in a giant bunny devil puppy suit, as she was being lectured by Riruka about the survival of the fittest. Yes, we all know what’s now coming, a flashback about the Fullbringer’s backstory. Here we will probably cry and understand that these punks are human just like the rest of us. Let us get this over with.


As I was reading this chapter all I could think about was “Rukia, hurry up and kill this bitch while she is talking”, and surprisingly, she tried! Though she tried too late, and should have done it in the middle of her story. Basically we get a snapshot of everyone’s backstory, and why they do the things they do. Basically they feel pride in being part of the weak minority, and that the strong don’t always eat the weak, but sometimes the weak can eat the strong. I’m not sure if the Fullbringers are reading the same manga, but it still looks like the strong are eating the weak here.

Rukia, tired of her lip flapping decided to activate her sword, sending up her column of ice that traps Riruka’s foot. This is game and match point right here, but the fight is nowhere from being over. Riruka then deactivates the stuffed animal suit off Rukia and hits her in the chest, saying that “she doesn’t want to be defeated by that power”. And then things happen, what ever that may be.


I think this flashback is a little too late, I mean half of the people in it are already dead! I get it that these people suffered, but they were for stupid reasons. I don’t care that Riruka got her toys taken from her as a child, or that or dirty boots got dirty, these people are just having a tantrum about how crapy their lives are and are expressing this emotion in the wrong way. If only Kenpachi could have taken them all on at once, and then we wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore!


The last page hinted that the next chapter will be about Tsukishima and Byakuya’s fight, which is infinitely more interesting than this one. I think I’m going to be very impressed with how Byakuya is going to handle this situation. I’m thinking he will just floor Tsukishima someway, and it will be amazing.

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The Chest Pincer! The sentiment of the quick glimpse of the backgrounds of people that for the most part are already long dead does seem incredibly pointless. Bar some reveal that these guys aren't the only ones or aren't dead.

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Did anybody notice that this plotline is really similar to chapter black in yu yu hakusho.

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at least we're not reading 5 or more flashback chapters

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I was happy to learn more about Jackie. She has quite the sympathetic back story. I really hope she isn't actually dead. Though, even if she is dead she could possibly come back as a Shinigami. That's the funny thing about human characters dying in this series.

I also sort of doubt that Rukia really gets harmed from that attack. Riruka seemed to be the only member who wasn't really big on the plot.

Though, Kubo still hasn't really explained what happened to Nel Tu, and I heard he gave Tier Halibel an epilogue in one of the databooks. I guess that means the only living Espada would be Nel, Tier, and maybe Grimmjow.

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God I love how you can 'read' kubo's thoughts through each chapter. He's definitely bored of this arc and these characters. So let's do everyone's flashback in 1 chapter in a really haphazard way!

Due to the limitations of kubo's variety in faces, it took me a good while before I realized each few pages were about different dudes. Thought it was kubo being dumb and convoluted as usual.

Like I said before, this arc is pretty much the bounto arc, but somehow, done worse.

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I actually liked this arc right up until the battle started I liked all of the character debelopment and Tsukishima was better as the big bad than Ginjo. Ginjo is really boring and seems weaker than Tsukishima.
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@LuffyDUzumaki: well most shonen plots are pretty similar most of the time anyway...

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Glad to know I'm not the only one who has no idea what she was doing to Rukia at the end.

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@LuffyDUzumaki: Yea all the Fullbringers have some weird cult on society. It has been as far back as Renji fighting Jakie. You telling me Renji is a actual gentlemen you must be fucking with me. Not even his Captain was like that.

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Renji and Byakuya are not the same people, therefore both will act differently, being in the same division doesn't give them similar characteristics...

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