Weekly Bleach Discussion: Chapter 470

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Welcome to this week’s newest Bleach chapter. Yes the fullbring boys are getting their asses kicked, but their remaining members are putting up a fight, not laying down and dying like their compatriots. Can Byakuya defeat Tsukishima, and can Rukia escape from her insanely cute prison to defeat Riruka?


Rukia is not doing great in her battle, fighting in a giant stuffed costume isn’t the best way to take out an opponent. But she quickly realizes that she still ha all her power at hand, but then stupidly attempts to shoot a fireball at Riruka which backfires into her suit. This might seem like a stupid move, but it is perhaps a way to escape from there, but she will have to burn herself in the process. As the saying goes, you have to break a couple eggs to make an omelet.

Speaking of omelets, we finally get to witness the fight between Ichigo and Ginjo. Despite it being two against one, Ichigo and Ishida are not totally destroying him. They are instead trying to learn as much as they can about him first. Which is very smart, but Ichigo looses his patience and attacks. They quickly come to the conclusion that he possesses the same powers as Ichigo, or so they think. Does this mean he can change into a hollow form and bankai? Interesting. Ether way, none of Ginjo’s attack seem to phase Ichigo, so who knows if he will actually be a danger to him. I’m more worried about Tsukishima.

Finally we leave this chapter with some more insight about the fullbringers, something about “survival of the fittest”. I’m not sure where she is going with this, other than she belongs in the “weak” category.


Now that this is bad, but I was expecting Rukia’s fight to end this chapter, seeing how I thought this was a joke battle. But Riruka got on her soap box and started to talk serious, so now I guess this isn’t much of a joke battle. Rukia better finish her next chapter or else!


Ichigo seemed to take on Ginjo’s getsuga tenshou without flinching, but I think this fight is about to heat up and fast. I’m curious to see just how much power Ginjo inherited from Ichigo. But the thing is Ichigo is an endless fountain of energy, which Ginjo is not, he will not defeat him that way.

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chances are the next chapters are gonna be about their past, probably lasting from 5 to 10 chapters

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god, i hope not. Ok so Ichigo has his powers back even though he looks different. Does that mean he is stronger or is Ginjo not even close to what the espada were? In either case, does this mean ichigo can do that thing he did to Aizen again? and will he (of course not in this fight) or does he forget about this forever. And who do u think is the next major villain. Is it some dude from some world beyond soul society. These are the questions they should be addressing instead of the stupid stuff Riruka is about to spend the next few months dragging on about.

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this Law of The Jungle thing might take a while to finish.... still wondering about Riruka though... is she really a bad guy?

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Unfortunately this series takes forever to end it's battles. I know it is part of the genre, but it makes the series taxing to read weekly. I wanted this over back in #460. Ichigo and all the Captains should have been able to finish everything in that one chapter, and the story should have moved on. I'll check in on Bleach in another 10 chapters for the end of at least one of the current fights.

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