Weekly Bleach: Chapter 488

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Ichigo and friends this time are back into the depths of Hueco Mundo to save a hollow. No, not a cool hollow like Grimmjow, or the emo one, but Dondochakka. Though it is to no surprise that they are really entering Hueco Mundo so that they can lay the smack down to the Vandenteich. The three fraccion of Harribel have come into contact with one of the Vandenteich Captain Opie, let’s see if they life to see tomorrow.


Looks like they probably won’t be seeing tomorrow, thanks to the powerful Opie. I can’t blame him, I mean he gave them the opportunity to surrender, but they like fools ignored it. I doubt any of you thought that these three girls would be able to stand a chance against a new powerful enemy we no nothing about; that’s just the way shonen works.

In other news the Gotei 13 finally address their Vandenteich problem, and realize that they must go to war right now in order to keep them from sneak attacking them and taking a life of another worthless old man. The Commander then tells us all what we already know. These enemies are the “Quincy”, and they are the ones responsible for the hollow death.

Back on Hueco Mundo the chapter leaves us with Ichigo strolling into the aftermath of the Opie vs. the Beast Trio fight. Let’s see just how powerful Ichigo has become.


If Ichigo would have just went to Soul Society and told them that the Vandenteich are in Hueco Mundo, I’m sure this war would go a lot easier.


I’m that the three girls didn’t from their giant monster beast Voltron thing again. It doesn’t matter now, in one week we shall see Ichigo fight again, this time against a quincy, an enemy he hasn’t fought in a long time.

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As usual, girls are useless in most shounen mangas.

If that was Grimmjow, he would have a little more fight than that. Kubo-sensei, show us Grimmjow already!

And the Quincy is the FINAL opponent. Makes sense, since Soul Society just discarded them from their Hollow cleansing duties. This is Quincy's revenge. I just need some explanation how did they survive and got their powers.

I wonder what would happen to the two Quincy we know, Ryuken and Uryuu? Will they defect to the Vandenreich or stay on the same side?

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those 3 are probably gonna get resurrected by Orihime, but this final war looks like good fun. now where's Grimmjow?

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What with the off panel fights?

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^Exactly^. There have been multiple battles in this arc already and all of them have been off panel. I'm at least fairly certain though, that this one won't be.
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So I finally caught up and this arc is WAY more interesting that the almost completely worthless Fullbring arc.

It's great to see some old faces coming back, I hope Nel can transform and kick some ass at some point, if her last transformation (man, that was so long ago) is anything to go by then I reckon she can transform for a limited time. I hope I'm right. It'd be great to see Grimmjow show up too.

Did anybody else think Ichigo with Nel on his back looked just like Kenpachi and Yachiru? I loved that.

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