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The rescue arc to save our buddy Dondochakka has begun. I’m telling you now that Dondochakka had better transform into either a hot chick, or a powerful warrior by the time this is through; though most likely he will probably end up dying. Anyways, let’s check up on our heroes as they make their way into Hueco Mundo.


This chapter is all about how Hueco Mundo has transformed into a true hell hole thanks to the Vandenreich. Most people are now quick to point out the resemblance of the Vandenreich to the Nazi party. While this is true, I also think they highly resemble Imperial Japan as well during the WW2 era. They have abducted and killed almost every hollow and arrancar in Hueco Mundo. The ones they do kidnap they do awful things like force them to kill each other, or fulfill whatever test the current commander desires in order to join their forces.

Menoly Mallia and Koly Avirrne were two of these arrancar who had past the test to join the Vandenreich by standing up to the hardened Captain Kirge Opie. They were unsuccessful in beating him, but that saved their lives in the long run. What also saved their lives was the three beautiful fraccion of Harribel: Emilou, Franceska, and Cyan. It looks like this final arc, all the previous enemies Ichigo and friends had to face will surly become their friends.


This chapter was extremely short, or at least it felt that way. I was hoping that Urahara would explain a little more to Ichigo about the current events, and not just leave everyone in the dark like we are used to.


This chapter was rated a little better than it really should have been because it introduced us to the Vandenteich, showing us just how brutal they are and how we really should be afraid of them. Will Ichigo and friends help the fraccion, or will they stumble upon someone else that needs help?

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I betting Aizen will come back and be a good guy

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@Destinyheroknight said:

I betting Aizen will come back and be a good guy

i highly doubt that, since he is quite evil. i have a feeling Uryu is gonna be on the Vandereich's side, though.

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They dived right back into Hueco Mundo despite the fact that last time they did it messed with the Soul Society’s plans. You think they would have considered working with them this time or at least a “hey guys were going to go do this we’ll be right back”.

If Ichigo and friends do meet up with the five Arrancar it would be interesting to see how Loly and Menoly react to seeing Orihime again. It seems kind of ironic that Orihime is shown to be disturbed by all of the corpses while Loly is terrified of Orihime because of the fact she could revive said corpses.

@Halberdierv2 said:

@Destinyheroknight said:

I betting Aizen will come back and be a good guy

i highly doubt that, since he is quite evil. i have a feeling Uryu is gonna be on the Vandereich's side, though.

The only way I think Aizen would return is if the soul society gets attacked and the Maggot’s Nest or wherever he is locked up gets destroyed. As for Uryu they seemed to be teasing the idea earlier but if he did that it would mean him betraying all of his friends and threatening the balance of the world(s).

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I hope Halibel's Lesbian Attack Squad come back only to get slaughtered or to reveal that they have an ultimate form like Ulquiorra... and then be slaughtered. Decent enough chapter outside of that though.

@Destinyheroknight said:

I betting Aizen will come back and be a good guy

If they did that I would literally cry. They'd have ruined one of my favorite characters. At worst, I hope he simply sides with them for the time being or out of dislike for the Quincy or whoever they end up being. Let bad guys be bad and stay bad! They already ruined Gin with the whole hoes over bros backstory.

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The way it's looking, they just might need Aizen's power. He is the only other guy besides Ichigo that might be head captain level. If even Yamaji failed to kill them in his first encounter, you can imagine the kind of trouble the other captains might face. Aizen alone could potentially destroy most of Vandenreich, if not with his hax body and raw power, then with the most broken ability yet, Kyouka Suigetsu. As for the chapter, it was ok. But what I came to realize is that despite their evil, Aizen or even Baraggan to some extent could have protected Hueco Mundo if they were still active. With Harribel the only known vasto lorde in Hueco Mundo, they didn't stand a chance against an invasion.
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No one mentioned this yet so I will mention it.

Don't you guys get hyped since Urahara is the part of the rescue squad? He is involved in the MAIN action this time. That is what I liked in this chapter. The rescue teams are soooooooooooo OVERUSED.

And I thought those Fraccion of Halibel are dead already since they got burned from Ryujin Jakka. Didn't see them coming.

In this chapter, I was expecting GRIMMJOW instead. Bring back GRIMMJOW!

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@fijilovesyou said:

In this chapter, I was expecting GRIMMJOW instead. Bring back GRIMMJOW!

I second this. The fact that he may be coming back is pretty much one of the only reasons ill power through this final arc.

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Ugh...it just seems like Bleach story arcs just move in a circle.
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So instead of keeping my favorite character Starrk alive and reappearing no we get Halibel, her Lesbo Suicide Squad, oh and two arrancar who no one cares about? I was expecting when that Kirge Opie was attacked the person under the cloak was going to be Grimmjow. Fail :P

Oh to top it off we are going back to Hueco Mundo to save of all people Dondochakka. Who cares? I rather have it where they go to save Uryu thinking he was captured but instead he actually sided with them and betrays them when they go to rescue him. At least I'm not the only person who sees Uryu turning on them.

Btw I love how of all the times Ichigo's rescue squad has gone to save someone its this time that Urahara decides to tag along. :P

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Grimmjow! Where're you dude!

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