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Let’s see, Nel is back, Hueco Mundo has been invaded, and the poor arrancars have been enslaved, sounds like an average day on the job for Kubo. Bloodshed has already been spilled in this war. Chojiro has been killed, sadly before we could see him in action. How will Soul Society respond?


It’s time for Chojiro’s funeral, and of course no mention of the other shinigami who died defending Soul Society during this invasion. Of course after his death we learn more about Chojiro, like that he had a bankai, and that he could have become a captain, but didn’t because he promised the commander that he would be his lieutenant for life, how sweet. I’m not sure how good of a captain he would be if a) he couldn’t stop Ichigo with the help of two other people back in the day b) the first time he used his bankai he dies (yes it was stolen from him, but still!) c) We all know the “real” captains will put up a bigger fight once these groups go at it for real. Face it Chojiro, you weren’t destined for good things in this manga, hell you died in the afterlife for god sakes, so perhaps you deserve this fancy funeral.

So I guess you can count the Fullbringer shenanigans as a training arc, because we are right about to enter a rescue arc; Kubo has surprised us all with his originality once again. Yes, the crew is going right back down to Hueco Mundo again, but this time to save Dondochakka, and most likely Harribel as well.


Really, seriously? Kubo is this really another rescue arc? Why can’t this be a “war is coming everyone freak out and fight” arc? Why do they have to go back down to Heco Mundo again? Is Dondochakka really worth it? Is it because he is your friend Ichigo? Chojiro was your friend, why don’t you go save him from hell 2 or where ever dead shinigami skip off to?

Also the art in this chapter seemed to dip a little; or maybe my vision is clouded with rage that this is just another rescue arc!


To end with a positive note I like that the Vandenreich have to go out with their hunting parties and gather up the arrancar. I’m guessing they might find Grimmjow and he might be sent to go pester Ichigo for his bankai. You are ruining this manga Dondochakka!

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Really!? Chojiro had a Bankai, this was just a big waste of a character. Kubo could have give him a few pages for his fight (Sigh)

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I knew he had a bankai. How else would he know that Vandenreich could steal them? But he should have been shown in action. They should at least do a mini flashback of his battle. It was clear though that he wasn't captain caliber. He was probably like pre time skip Renji who had learned bankai but hadn't mastered it or honed it to perfection or near perfection like captains. But I want to see some real action. I want to see just how strong current Ichigo is, how powerful the Vandenreich leader is as well as his top subordinates, and I can't wait for Yamamoto to fight. This time I'm sure he will not be happy.
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This is cheap, just plainly cheap, if Chojiro was Captain level he wouldnt have got beated down by Ichigo with his bare hands, another case of Kubo fucking his own continuity and story...

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Seriously, Kubo-sensei?

A character who rarely appears without a character now have his own character after he died? This is very unfair. They should have shown it, his Bankai at least. Even though he is a side character, he should have gotten at least a couple of pages. If he was a Bankai user, then he should have put more of a fight even if he is outnumbered. This is just my opinion, the death of Chojiro is a shame to all electric/lightning user-anime characters.

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Kubo is running out of ideas this time... the manga should have end it with Aizen...

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