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Last chapter arms were removed and bankai’s were stolen, an average day in the Bleach world if you ask me! The Vandenreich have officially declared war on Soul Society, promising Yamamoto of its destruction. Seeing the little power that we have been shown, it definitely looks possible. Let’s see how Soul Society responds to this after the jump.


Looks like the way Soul Society is responding to this threat is by having a funeral. Yup, it looks like Chojiro has indeed passed away thanks to the Vandenreich’s giant arrow to the chest. I guess its possible for Kubo to kill off one of his characters, I wonder who’s next on the reaper’s list? Now Ichigo knows about this information via a telephone call to Ryunosuke from Soul Society. I don’t blame them, Soul Society needs all the help they can get.

As Ichigo wonders off thinking things over, he comes into contact with Nel via a Goku headbutt to the stomach. Since this manga is ending after all, it does make sense for us to see her before the end, so I am pleased. It looks like Hueco Mundo is in it deep if Nel has to escape to Earth for help.

We learn that Hueco Mundo has been taken over by the Vandenreich. More specifically, they are using the Vasto Lorde Harribel as some kind of arrancars baby making machine of some sorts. The leader of the Vandenreich really is a jerk, killing his own men for no real reason.


I have a funny feeling that the Vandenreich leader could possibly solo Soul Society by himself, since he can pretty much own the people that owned Soul Society previous to this. Also, what ever happened to Kon?


Things are heating up now that the Vandenreich have taken over Hueco Mundo. However, this also means that Soul Society might also have some allies in this battle as well, like Grimmjow or any other surviving arrancar.

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LAAAAAAAAAAME!!!! This whole saga stinks of filler...

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Oh no, not Chojiro! He was one of my favorite characters

Come on Kubo, another rescue arc?

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nice to see the two beauties of hueco mundo back..... bcut does that mean that harribel is being raped? 0_o

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: lol What why would you say that? I would say the Full Bring Arc is more filler than this XD

Btw did anyone notice this scene......

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Chojiro? Dead? Hardly. He's just the next Aizen :P

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All of the stuff with the new big bad was just fluff to make him seem like a really bad guy, but it’s really coming off like he’s an Aizen imitator. A non Arrancar comes in and takes over Las Noches by force and uses the location and Arrancar (who he shows no concern for) against the Soul Society. What a novel idea...

Also it looks like Kisame beat Harribel.


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A guy from the good side has finally died in this series.

And we get to see Nel and Halibel, the babes of Hueco Mundo, again!

Is it just me or the Vandenreich leader looks like Zangetsu? I feel like he could use the Getsuga Tensho. Hell, he might be even Isshin's father. Isshin's past isn't revealed yet, so this might be a good hook to the story if they are related. Hahaha. Silly me.

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Good chapter. A good guy died, which is unheard of in Bleach. One thing Bleach has seriously lacked is actual danger in fights the good guys never die, no matter what. If actual tension can enter into combat, this will be a great thing. I'm personally hoping more goody goodies go down.

Good chapter. This arc has been pretty good so far. They're getting straight into the thick of it.

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I love seeing that Nel and Tier are back in the picture. I really don't like seeing what's happening to Tier. I hope she gets freed to fight eventually.
It's a bit hard to really convey death of a character when technically most of your cast are already dead.
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@FoxxFireArt: Not really. They do it for villains all of the time. I'm referring to stuff like characters getting sliced in half and then walking around like nothing happened a few chapters later or people taking what the series describes as "fatal" blows and then running around a chapter or two later.

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One thing Bleach has seriously lacked is actual danger in fights the good guys never die, no matter what.

It still lack that, Chojiro wasn't even a character (he only appear like four times) he was more like a background character

Also killing a random character doesn't make things more tense, Chojiro's death didn't add anything to the plot really

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I disagree. Knowing that nobody other than Ichigo will ever lose a battle, let alone actually be in danger, takes any tension out of battles for me and reduces them all down to just seeing what power ups will be used.
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I would like to know how Tier escaped after taking a "fatal" slash from Aizen.

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I disagree to that, killing Chojiro was pointless. It don't add tension, since we hardly knew the guy.

He have only been in one battle, he wasn't a major side character. Kubo just want to kill him to show how strong the new bad guys are, that just make the death cheap

It more feel like Kubo didn't know what to do with Chojiro and just have him kill for the sake of making his story more "edgy"

This death doesn't take away the Plot Armor for the other characters, I pretty sure Kubo will kill only the unpopular characters

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It was revealed that Inoue healed her and her fraccion after the war, and her abIlity transcends fatality. But this was a good chapter. A protagonist actually died (albeit not a very notable one) and we see both Nel and Harribel. But it is obvious that Harribel will either die (not likely) or become a full fledged ally. But it's kinda cheap that out of all the espada and former espada, only 3 survived and 2 of those 3 are the only female espada. Kubo planned this probably because he doesn't like killing off female characters (he has shown this many times). But wow, if Harribel is making arrancar babies, just what are they doing to her? Vandereich clearly are not just enemies of the shinigami, but to hollow as well.
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@Destinyheroknight: Killing that specific character doesn't add tension, I agree with that. I'm saying that the concept that characters can actually die in combat can give more tension to battles since either party can lose. Whether or not it continues is up in the air, but in the past that never happened in Bleach and it was always the good guys (outside of Ichigo) will prevail in combat no matter what.

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I get your point, but I still think it was poorly executed

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Why would they kill that guy? he barley did anything, and we did not even see what he could really do.

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