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In the last chapter of Bleach, Ichigo has met what could be the number one bad guy of this arc, appearing just above his bed. Knowing Kubo this guy is probably Ichigo’s long lost friend, or Aizen’s brother, or someone totally out of left field--but either way we should know about him more in this chapter, let’s take a look!


Yes! This mysterious stranger who appears in Ichigo’s room does have a weird orgin no one could have predicted! (Ok well lots of you predicted it, it was just me who was surprised.) A Quincy! This punk is a Quincy, which explains why all the hollows are being eradicated left and right. We know this because he whips out his little star pendent thing that gives the Quincy the ability to make weapons. Now I suppose he could have stolen it from a Quincy, and he really is an Arrancar, but that’s not looking very likely. But it makes me wonder why he is wearing a hollow mask.

The other really big event this chapter is the declaration of war by what appears to a large number of Quincy to Commander Yamamoto. It is important to note that these guys broke into Soul Society and strolled right into his inner chambers to tell them this. These guys cannot be pushovers by any means. What I really want to know is if Ishida knows what is happening, if this was his entire plan from the beginning. If not him, than what about his father?


Why can’t Kubo just show us their faces instead of darkening them out? Is it really that big of a spoiler? (Unless of course if those are just masks)


This arc is really moving forward, seeing as the enemies have already made their first move, and it’s a big one. I’m excited to see how this all will come together, and hope the Quincy’s have cool weapons and put up good fights for these last battles of Bleach.

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So there are more Quincys? I though they were near extenction. This should be interesting.

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I called it...

This are ArrancaQuincy

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I remember calling this way back when the aizen and fullbring arc ended. I didn't particularly like the way that ended and had been losing interest in Bleach, and was thinking that maybe the only story I would be interested after this if Kubo brought back some sort of quincy conflict and then this chapter comes up and bam...kudos Kubo, you brought me back. Excited that he went back to something that was like all the way from the beginning of the series. I was also thinking that Ishida jumps sides and shoots ichigo in the face, and reinvigorates that grudge he had against soul reapers. And he needs to kill that blue faced weirdo captain finally. That probably won't happen but I wish it would. Plus Ishida needs to step his quincy game up. Look at Ivan's bow. Then we need Ishida's dad to be under one of those masks and have Ichigo's dad have a fight. That should keep me interested for awhile. I might have some issues with bleach but I hope this series goes out with a bang.

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It was meh

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I like this idea of bringing the Quincy back as the so called final enemy but I would still like to see some Arrancar maybe it will be a war between all the major enemies of the past; Quincies, Aizen some how breaks free and comes back with some new arrancar, Shingami, and possibly a few Full Bringers. This way everything is tied up and explain in the the end.

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