Weekly Bleach: Chapter 462

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It appears that Ichigo was in fact not the first substitute shinigami to help Soul Society; there was another before him, Ginjo. What’s the big deal you might ask, well I think he must be a pretty big deal if Soul Society has to send all their big guns to take them down. However, Ichigo is there to help, will he be enough to take down Ginjo by himself?


Yes, Ginjo was the first substitute shinigami to help Soul Society, but the reason why is still a mystery. Perhaps he broke into Soul Society and had a rescue ark of his own, but only Kubo knows. What we do know is that he is dangerous, and he would have died if it weren’t for Ichigo’s delicious power.

Orihime and Chad both start to question their memories at this point, thinking why everyone now is backing Ichigo and not Tsukishima. However, these thoughts are quickly extinguished when Tsukishima uses his power to reinforce his fake memories. Yet, their brain washing is cut short when Ichigo’s father and Urahara, knock them out with some old fashion knuckle love, and take them away. We are told they will be fine, and I’m sure they will, after all this is shonen.

The rest of Ginjo’s compatriots approach him in anger, wondering why they didn’t get any of Ichigo’s powers. Ginjo is a kind man, and swiftly hands them over with a quick slice from his sword. Now each one appears to have been leveled up, except for that guy who messes with people’s luck, what ever happened to him?


Why me sad? I’ll tell you why, this chapter flew by waaaay to quickly. Couldn’t Kubo just put one panel of Kenpachi slicing someone in half or something? Though now that I think about it, I’m surprised he is just standing their allowing the bad guys to exist.


The bad guys have been powered up, the good guys have been powered up, there is only one thing that can happen now, and my body is ready for it. I’m really excited to see how all the captains have changed since we last saw them, I really am hoping for some new moves, and maybe a new type for transformation like a bankai, but that’s just me.

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I hope we get to see Ginjos shinigami powers. It would be awesome to see two substitue soul reapers fighting eachothers bankai
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So, Ginjo was alright messing with Ichigo and break him down 
But messing with Ichigo's friends is a big no no now. Also why Ginjo didn't give Tsukisnima power? He did all the work
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well, not all of the Xcution members wanted Ichigo's power, Riruka was quite opposed to the idea of huring her crush, and it wouldn't surprise me if she later joins up with Ichgo's team.
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Can't wait! Another hour to go! 
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The captains are just standing idly in this chapter. I thought that Ginjo would kill all the other Xcution members since he got so much power... So his necklace sword is his Zanpakuto? Wanna see Ginjo's Shikai and Bankai. We should be expecting a battle next chapter! Can't wait.
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