Weekly Bleach: Chapter 460

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Still have no clue what's going on...

Is a good analogy for ichigo's powerback a car with a dead battery getting jumped by another car through cables?

I do like how 1st captain is friendly enough with ichigo in the manga while he totally hates him in every anime filler arc ;P

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@Destinyheroknight: i think it has something to do with his Pride otherwise even Mayuri could have restored his arm already
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Ugh, i see Bleach one again is following the Dragonball Z rule 
1. main character is strong 
2. villain comes along 
3 villain is more powerful than main character 
4. main character gets power up and fights villain 
also, although i love the captains, i find it odd that they KEEP showing up in ichigo's life, i mean don't they have a whole other world to run? why are the keep popping up to help him??
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