Weekly Bleach: Chapter 459

Topic started by GodLen on Aug. 7, 2011. Last post by chickdigger802 3 years, 7 months ago.
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I Loved this chapter soo much.. and im so happy that im not the only one who thought of the Number one song when I saw ichigo with his shinigami powers back :D and I agre with Dunchad, im pretty sue its his dads powers that he gave to ichigo :) and Im pretty sure he has not lost zangetsu  :) Im so looking forward to the next chapter!
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@cfatalis: True true. I'm anxious to see how Ichigo will wreck these guys. 
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@Newdeath: Clue, black inks, lot and lot of black inks will get spilled on paper
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@cfatalis: Indeed. 
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They still haven't explain wtf this fullbringer dudes are trying to do yet.

And if you think about it, ichigo's fullbringer was pretty much his shinigami powers, so I'm still a bit confused how they will stack up. I guess urahara and isshin and rukia could help out.

Now that ichigo is powered up again, any chance that he will get a new hair style like everyone else? His 'no reitsu' form had pretty nice hair ;P

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