Weekly Bleach: Chapter 456

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Tsukishima has really done it this time, not only has he not died by Ichigo’s hand as Ichigo wants, but he has trapped both Ichigo and Ginjo in his fancy mansion. This man can not be stopped, even when Ichigo takes off one of his arms. Why? Well, Inoue and Chad have shown up, and they are not happy. Will this be the perfect opportunity for Ichigo to kill Inoue? Make the world happy and do it!


Wow, Ichigo is screwed. I mean really, now he must fight against his two best friends, friends he fought beside and friends he risked his life to save. They do not want to fight him, but have no choice when, in their opinion, Ichigo must have gone crazy. He was there to help save Rukia, and there to help defeat Aizen. As Tsukishima puts it, Ichigo’s past is the one that is truly messed up, because it seems like everyone else's has been tampered with by Tsukishima.

His power has nothing to do with changing memory. No when he cuts someone, he inserts himself into their past, changing the past completely. To Inoue, she doesn’t just believe he was there all along, he really was there all along. Which is a scary thought for Ichigo, because he may never get his friends back.

Despite everything, Ichigo still attacks Tsukishima, but he can not break through his friends. It’s sad, because Chad tell him that he did not grow strong to Ichigo, which is true. But what can Ichigo do to dig himself out of this mess?


Ichigo still hasn’t killed Inoue.


Wow this arc is really good! Someone had to have overheard Tsukishima speech right then and realized that everything that happened in the past was a trick. But who can really figure this out? If Kenpachi was here he wouldn’t care, he attacks his best friends all the time!

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This chapter completely reignited my interest in Bleach. I can't freaking wait unitl next week right now. 
I'm interested to see if Tsukishima did his mindf#$%ery on Uryu. It seems like he did, but i can't shake the feeling he escaped it somewhat. 
Also, Ichigo and Ginjo are going to need help. Either from Urahara, Isshin, or both, they need someone to help fight. Not that they wouldn't win on their own... but come on, they don't want to fight their friends.
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It would be funny if Chad kill Ichigo and that how he get his Shinigami powers back :)

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I think this arc has been pretty terrible all around, but the last 2 or 3 chapters have been pretty good with this one being the best so far imo.

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the only two things I can see helping Ichigo are his dad and Urahara doing something to help him, or maybe Uryu wasn't affected like the rest (i mean, he got his arm sliced off instead of just the "ghost cut" everyone else received.) but still... Ichigo, you're in trouble.
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I'm really glad the chapters have picked up recently.

All Kubo needs to do now is have Isshin show up to help Ichigo and all will be forgiven. It should be really interesting if and when Isshin does show up thinking about it, because as far as I know, Ichigo's friends don't know about his dad's powers. Time to out yourself Mr. Kurosaki! Tell us all who you really are.

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