Weekly Bleach: Chapter 450

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Ichigo is once again training--this is no surprise--but this time he is training inside a video game! Joining him and Ginjo into this game is Inoue, because she is the only one who can heal him when the training gets rough. Inoue herself has also been training, and could possibly kick Ichigo’s ass if she wanted to. Let’s see how they are doing.


Their training is intense, and Ichigo is holding his own, or so he believes. However, Ginjo can feel that something is missing, this isn’t the same Ichigo as we grown to love. As they fight Riruka joins the game, and wonders why Inoue hasn’t asked the game master to summon a chair, or a table, or a cold stiff drink. The reason why Riruka came into the game? Well to eat her box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and watch two grown men fight of course! But she ends up giving all of them to Inoue as she listens to Inoue talk about her sad past.

The men don’t care about this drama shit and continue to fight. Basically the fight finally picks up on the last page when Ginjo slices Ichigo’s eyes. Ichigo has lost his resolve, it is time for him to find it.


God damn it Riruka! This is the reason men stopped inviting women to their sporting events, no one cares about their drama! I want more eye slicing and less doughnut eating! Now get back into the kitchen Riruka and make everyone sandwiches for when they return! (Editor’s Note: I’m not really this sexist, this is just a role I play to drive page views and impress badass bikers who surely read this review)


This chapter wasn’t really that bad, I just felt that the most important page was the last page. Ichigo now has to fight blind, how much cooler can it get? Let us see if Ichigo will become the next Daredevil.

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Wow, this chapter was so boring. Bleach better pick up or it be the second manga I drop

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I found it odd that they waited till like the second to last page to show the title of this chapter and the chapter number, it was almost like even Tite Kubo himself was saying "Yeah only these last few pages are important." Although honestly I can forgive that, simply because Orihime staring at the donuts was just too darn cute.
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Ginjo is a genius, nothing makes a man stronger then being blinded...

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Man, that slash across the eyes is one of the most painful things I've seen in Bleach. That has GOT to hurt. You know, other than being sliced in half I guess.

I kind of want some doughnuts now.

Run little guy, RUN!
Run little guy, RUN!
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So Ichigo is like Kenshi from Mortal Kombat now? That's pretty cool.
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Nice chapter, I like the conversation between Orihime and that girl (Forget her name) but it was a pretty predictable one, Ginjo is pretty badass, can't wait to see how the edit that scene in the anime.
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2/5? I think that was more like a 4/5. The conversation between Orihime and Riruka was really interesting. Also, it was really nice to see some good ol' fashioned manga humor when Orihime was crying for the donuts. Bleach has been pretty serious recently, without a lot of that great Japanese humor, so it was welcome. I just keep getting the feeling like there's something more behind Xcution that they're not saying. Perhaps some ulterior motives of some sort.
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ugh, Bleach is really boring me lately, i'm not a fan of this whole Full Bringer arc at ALL
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