Weekly Bleach: Chapter 446

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Ichigo’s powers have returned, well at least his cool outfit. If you remember back to two weeks ago, we last saw Ichigo confront Tsukishima who just crashed their party. But Ichigo is too weak to fight this powerhouse, so Ginjo jumped in to fight instead. Will Tsukishima be able to take them both on, or will this be no contest for Tsukishima?


The Ichigo we all know and love is not the type of guy to back down from a fight, so of course he is going to object Ginjo taking his place. However, Ginjo doesn’t care what Ichigo things and gives him a chop to the neck to keep him down. After a brief stint of smack talk, the battle begins. Yet Ichigo still can’t accept being told to shutup and watch, even from Chad. So he joins the battle as well.

Ichigo was able to land one strike, which I guess is good for his condition. However, his success was short lived after the gamer boy Yukio uses his fullbring power to somehow seal Ichigo away and save him into some kind of a video game. I have no idea what this kids powers actually are, but if they involve video games that’s win right there.


Damn it Ichigo, I too was screaming at Ichigo for not staying down. Seriously, you are not going to do shit, so sit down and let the big kids fight it out for once! Chad, next time he does this please just punch him.

The Verdict 3/5

Chapter went by really fast, but most Bleach battle chapters are. I’m kind of liking these new powers so far, and for that matter, enjoy the characters that use them. However, I would love to see the rest of the shinigami someday soon as well, for I miss them terribly. Now that Ichigo is gone, we can see these two really go at it.

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Ichigo is as dumb as he is strong. the strange thing is he wasn't so stupid at the beginning of the manga, and was quite smart.
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lol kubo must've wrote this chapter while watching scott pilgrim :p

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I'm still curious as to whether or not we're going to see Grimmjow or Nelliel ever again. Neither of them are confirmed as dead. Maybe Mayuri has something going on with them.
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Kubo...at least the guy's learning...
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I like where this is going but chapters do seem to be over very quickly. Good thing the anime filler at the moment is pretty interesting, the anime makes up for what the manga lacks in shinigami characters.
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See Kubo had a chance to make Ichigo's personality better and look at what happens
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wait...ichigo is in a video game...?  Now there is some potential for some fun filler there...can you imagine ichigo in super mario brothers ;).  Glad to see it is staying at least somewhat interesting in the manga as I hope the anime can stay that way as well.
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A bunch of these are getting stuck on the forum board, so I'm just going to bump this so it goes away. XD
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