Weekly Bleach: Chapter 425

Topic started by GodLen on Nov. 6, 2010. Last post by e887x 4 years, 4 months ago.
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yeah ... chris stop being stupid. the badge wasn't stolen. get your eyes checked. mine might be squinty, but at least they're open =P
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Ishida is turning into a bishie, lol.
I am actually very glad that we're back at high school.  I missed Tatsuki.  Orihime might actually grow a personality again...she can't really be quirky on a battlefield.  Ichigo was supposed to be one of those "torn between two worlds" type of characters, and for a long long time we've only had one of the worlds.
I get the sense that Kubo was getting tired of Aizen, too, and I sort of feel like he is excited to tell a new story.
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This flabbergasts  me....quest done LOL!
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Everybody just wants Aizen now Aizen Aizen but before everyone was saying Aizen sucks he needs to go 


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meh, i disagree with the reviewer. Im glad Aizen isn't around, although i do admit older Uryu looks a bit like him. also, no mention of how much prettier Orihime is now? shame.
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What the hell is going on with Bleach?  I don't pay attention to the series so I don't know if this time skip is good or not.
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What I am wondering about is why orihime is not wearing her hairclips??? isnt that her weapon? which is probably the reason why her hair is much more in her face? haha :) 
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it was alright but it could be better. Seriously.
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