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finally, its back.... no more Soul Reaper Ichigo for now (but its a bit too obvious, he's gonna get them back somehow). either that or he'll take on a role similar to Oracle. and now we soon will have soul reaper Karin to boot. Its probably not as exciting a chapter for a timeskip as i thought, but it'll do. I also wonder how much of the soul society has changed, and if we'll ever see Neliel again.
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How do you know that he didn't talk to him, all we see of the dad is just him acting like his normal self in front of his daughters. For all we know when he and Ichigo get alone they get serious and go "Hey remember a year and a half ago when you explained to me about your backstory and everything?" "Yeah so why do we need to say it again?" "No we don't, just figured I'd point out that we had talked about it."
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@CrazyCanuck said:
" SOOOOOO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!!  First! Karin with Shinigami powers! Dose this mean another manifestation of Zangetsu maybe even Getsu-Chan!  Second! All of the arcs up until now have been rescue based to don't see it changing.  "
that't not alot to talk about.
So i have money on a "Rescue Chad arc" so i have to go with that.
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I really hate when they do the obvious, " This is what he always wanted, but now things are different" situation. Ichigo's going to get his powers back, probably not for a while, and we will hopefully see Karin's powers in action.
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@Roldan:  Sad Panada... 
I could talk about: 
-is that guy at the end Aizen's half brother or the new shinigami for the area? 
-why did Tasuki grow out her hair?
-is Ichigo really a Street Fighter guy, or did he just borrow Tekken because if was the only free option?
-Where did Kon go?  Did he get thrown in the trash after looking up Karin's skirt?  Did he just give up and sign up for the flute player position in the 3rd season of K-On!!!? 
-will Ichigo and crew go chasing after the spirit king because he stole his badge? 

it's called priorities lol!
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1) The new guy's badge is his, you'll notice the one at the end has a chain while Ichigo's is lacking one. 
2) I don't know who Kato is but when I saw the new guy I thought it was Rob Lucci from One Piece. 
3) Maybe the one being rescued is Ichigo's badge. It's not a person at least.
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I gotta say, the first 6 pages of this chapter felt really good. It brought me back to a time where Bleach was more about the journey and not about what bishi badguy is going to eat it in the most boring way possible.
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I have a strong feeling that Ichigo is going to die and that will be how he gets his powers. And boy, he really doesn't like that Rukia never came back... :(
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Gotta throw a bone to the Ichigo/Rukia shippers I guess...Although I am mostly surprised we didn't see Orihime this chapter...saving her for next time, maybe? 
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 @sauceatron said:
" i'm pretty sure the new guy has his own badge. i don't think he stole it. if you notice the second to last page, on the last frame, you see it peeking out of his bag already. i think that frame represents the guy who lost the bag to the robber is a representative shinigami, and his badge was falling out through the skirmish. i mean, if ichigo got one, i'm sure other people can get them too amirite?! "
That's what I'm going for too. I didn't see anything that looked as though he took it from Ichigo. It is called the Lost Shinigami Representative Arc, but that could mean a couple of things too.
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I thought it was a good start but the rest of it better be amazing. Karin gets some powers. aizen comes back . ichigo dies or something....
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Bleach is awesome, but getting longer
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Why is Kubo dragging Bleach on?
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Man I really thought Bleach was gonna end!  I was thinking they were gonna go for the bittersweet ending he lost his powers but now he lives a normal life, but now that I look back and there are sooo many unanswered questions!
  1.  Who the Hell is this King of Soul Society and what does he really do
  2.  Why is Ichigo's dad no longer a Captain (and how does he know Ishida's dad)
  3.  What about all those other Bankais (I'm talking bout you Old man Yami and you Yourichi if you even have a  Zanpakuto)
  4. Etc...
 Guess I shouldn't be surprised Ichigo is not the first to lose his powers and then get them back... Ishida.... (Metroid anyone?)
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sucks for Ichigo.... hope he gets the Shinigami powers back.... but what about the hollow powers he obtained????
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hey guys  im pretty sure that the real name of the arc is the lost substitute shinigami arc what makes a lot of sense since the name of the chapter was the lost agent 
sorry if my grammar is a litle bad im learnig english
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