Weekly Bleach: Chapter 423

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Why the hell would it be goodbye for ichigo? Not like Rukia  and all the other shinigami don't have a gigai that they use to converse with normal people all the damned time :/
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It was Aizen in control of the central 46 when they decided to kill rukia, that was all Aizen.... Plus no one can kill aizen, they even say he is imortal.
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Bleach is real long, I get that but its still really good so I dont think it should end yet. So Im happy its not. 
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I have a feeling that this isn't then end of Ichigo's Shinigami days.
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That sucks that Ichigo lost his Shinigami powers.... but what about his Hollow powers? are they gone too.... they didn't said anything bout his Hollw powers disapearing in the manga....  
I thnk it was funny when Yamomoto was angry at Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Sunsui for losing their Captain jackets... but they did more than him so he should STFU..... and they didn't lose their arms.....
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@Newten:  I totally agree with you here. I feel that through Bleach's entirety, Kubo has really failed to create characters that are relational. In other words someone readers can identify with. Yes, Ichigo loosing his powers is pretty lame; yes Aizen being immortal is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of; yes this series needs to end and quickly. Lastly, Ichigo will get his powers back and I agree, Urahara will find a way. He ALWAYS finds a way. He might as well be a god in this series. 
I believe one of the main pitfalls of this series is that Kubo created too many characters. That is one of the reasons it's so long. When you create multiple characters, you must take time to flush each of them out. I would say that mos of the cast is pretty dynamic. However, simultaneously, I would say that Ichigo is probably the most boring character in the series. I believe that his convictions are watered down and that his reason for fighting is pretty lame. Just thought I would add my 2 cents. Thought I would have more to say, but I guess not. Ciao!
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man, I would love a long timeskip for bleach. Ichico is married to inoue chad is in Mexico ishda is finally the last of the quincies make a bunch of new captains and vice captains just basically change everything and reboot the series.
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