Weekly Bleach: Chapter 421

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I really hated this chapter to be honest.
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Way too much explanation in this chapter. He decided not to "show" the audience, and instead had Kisuke and Aizen "talk" about it. Classic DBZ. One of the things I've liked about Bleach is that, in general, it avoided these sorts of things (barring early fights with Espada). But he forwent all of that here. I wouldn't have wanted this to be the end anyway, but now I know this can't be the last fight. It wouldn't be fitting. 
I know there's going to be a ton of "Final Ichigo" at the next convention I go to...
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.... so what now for Bleach?
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Aizen should die. 
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i think kubo tite wants to show that the main character wont always be the one that has the ability to defeat all the bad guys. kubo just want to escape from the usual plot.
i guess???????????
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@tigerex78 said:
" Aizen should die.  "
he got sealed, the next best thing
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