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Last chapter we got high with our pals Aizen and Ichigo as we were all surprised by Ichigo’s newest transformation. He has apparently sold his Shinigami powers so that he can become super powerful in order to kick Aizen’s butt. But will this upgrade be enough to take Aizen down? Let’s see. 

The Good 

This new upgrade was surprisingly not just for show or a complicated way to turn his hair black, but the real deal. The attack was successful, dealing a fatal injury to Aizen. However, since Aizen can regenerate he didn’t parish right then and there, but he really did come close (as always ;_;). Regeneration does nothing when the enemy can just beat you down again, and this thought brought a smile to my face. But of course Ichigo looses his powers before he could attack again, and now is practically dead, silly me for keeping my hopes up.

Before Aizen could take out Ichigo he was shot in the back by some kind of Special Beam Cannon. But on closer inspection, this was actually a kido seal installed by our friend Urahara Kisuke! This was specially made to seal this newly transformed Aizen, and was placed on him during the middle of his transformation way back when. It only took control now because of Aizen’s weakened state. Basically like any sex craved ho, the Hougyoku is only attracted to the strong, and that isn’t Aizen anymore. With that Aizen is gone, disappearing in the middle of some crucifixes like an Evangelion angel.

The Bad
Thanks Urahara for showing up after Aizen was practically dead. What if Ichigo didn’t show up, would you have just stood their and watched as Aizen destroyed the town? Either way, I wish Ichigo’s bad ass form lasted more than two chapters. And we all know that if he has the opportunity to whip it out again, it isn’t going to be as effective--according to Shonen Jump law.

The Verdict 4/5 

Hell yeah Aizen is dead! Or sealed! Or Something! And we all know that once a bad guy gets sealed, he stays sealed... right? So is Aizen finally out of our hair, or is this just a big tease. Kubo would never tease us like this... right? I actually have no idea what will happen at this point. Bleach could end the next chapter for all I know, but I don’t believe the end is quite here yet. Till then I’ll assume Aizen is dead and drink like the Bears won the Super Bowl.
Post by Make_Me_Mad (29 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Theory here is that Aizen is gone, and it's going to turn out he was in the right all along, even though he was an asshole.  Urahara calling the Spirit king "it" and saying that it had to exist or the world would fall apart seemed like typical 'broken hero' resignation, and Aizen's final few lines were heroic spiel from top-to-bottom.
Calling it now, either the Royal Guard/0 Division are there to keep the Spirit King contained, or they're fed to it to keep it complacent/alive.
Edit: Entirely possible that at some point in the future they'll even resort to unsealing Aizen to help them once the Spirit King becomes the newest big bad.
Post by Vaiz (9 posts) See mini bio Level 3
@make_me_mad:  Bleach becomes more and more similar to a really bad M Night Shyamalan movie, with its terrible pacing lately and crap plot twists.
Seriously now.
Post by kenichi_san (5 posts) See mini bio Level 4

I don`t even know what to say... Kinda stupid that Ichigo didn`t "finish" Aizen, but Kisuke did it...

Oh well, i just hopes aizen stays dead/sealed this time...

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I dont think its over, Aizen may be sealed but that was too easy. Aizen thought he was god that saw in advance what was going to happen, regarding everyone's fate. Cant wait for next week.
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@make_me_mad: totally agree with you.
0 squad being fed to the spirit king , is where my money is on.
Spirit King being refereed to a "it' and subsequent info , point to it being a necessary evil not.
at least the series finishes the arc on speculation if anything else
Post by adoggz (210 posts) See mini bio Level 11
bah, this chapter was horrible, all that build up for nothing. Ichigo's transformation was completely useless (it only works for an 18th of a second? what kind of pointlessness is that?) and than kiskue shows the f up and story contrivances Aizen out of the picture. I'm guessing Kubo just wants bleach to end right now.
Post by akatspada (47 posts) See mini bio Level 10
I wanted Ichigo to be the one to finish Aizen, but it's also fitting for Urahara to do so.
Post by Daniel_Newton (3,322 posts) See mini bio Level 20
I was just disappointed that Ichigo's new form only lasted like 5 minutes. I'm not even sure what to make of the attack he used, was it just some enormous getsuga tenshou thing? I guess we'll have a better idea of exactly what happened when the anime version is made so it's easier to see, but that'll be months away.
Hopefully Aizen really is gone now, but right now I'm more interested in if Ichigo's powers really are gone for good or not. I still think there's a very good chance his dad used the same technique and that's how he lost his powers, and he got his back eventually, so with any luck Ichigo will just have to wait a little while I guess.
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@Newten knowing Bleach the new master of the hougyoku is Ichigo and he would get his power back.
Post by Daniel_Newton (3,322 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@CrazyCanuck: Yeah I thought about that, but wouldn't that end up making him even more all-powerful that he already was?... Maybe it will restore his powers, and then Urahara will destroy it or seal it away or something.
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So is Aizen actually evil? This SoulKing is starting to sound like something worse now that its revealed to be a "it" not a person like i think we all thought. So was all of Aizens actions just a mean to an end that could have been good. 
And we all know that sealing away the Bad guy is no way to defeat him, he has to be killed for all out victory. Hopefully Orihime will just reverse Ichigos powers back.

Post by DearDiablo (9 posts) See mini bio Level 9
Wow. I wasn't considering Ichigo getting his powers back through the Hogyoku or Orihime's powers. Clever. I was thinking along the lines of a time skip where he gets his powers back whatever way his dad did, because Final Getsuga Tensho would explain we he lost his powers 20 years ago. 
But then another thought dawned on me. Ever see any stories that start with a great evil that was sealed away but has now been awakened? While, reading this chapter, I thought that it seemed  the set up for such a story. Maybe the next thing in Bleach will be a large time skip where Aizen is freed from his seal. Maybe it's so far in the future, there's a completely new cast of characters. Really, now, that's quite a long shot. But a boy can dream.
Post by CrazyCanuck (169 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@DearDiablo interesting thought, I would love to see something new I don't see Kudo messing with the Ichigo's friend is captured and he has to go save them formula.
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I won't believe Aizen is dead until Bleach ends.
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i'm posting this comment BEFORE i read the review and all i have to say about this chapter is that it's... REALLY anti climatic
Post by judge (743 posts) See mini bio Level 7
thank god, that shit storm of a manga is finally over
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talk about anticlimactic  battle. 
screw you Kubo!
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UUmm I really wonder if he will stay sealed
Post by secretzfan (238 posts) See mini bio Level 18
I think I know why Aizen was sealed so fast. Kubo really has no idea how to beat Aizen so he decided just too seal him away. That is why Kisuke said that "I figured there was no way to beat you
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