Weekly Bleach: Chapter 420

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@vergilius said:
" Also, where the heck does it say that Getsuga was in love with Ichigo?  Getsuga says that Ichigo was what he wanted to protect.  I mean, I want to protect my car, but I'm not in love with it.  These summaries always seem to state things as fact that are only tenuously based on the text :P "
it was a joke. 
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@GodLen:  Ah, sorry, over my head.
Also, the 2-D 3-D is a metaphor, I think.  Like, Imagine if a cube met a square.  To the square, the cube would look sometimes like a square, sometimes like a parallelogram, sometimes like a line, sometimes like a rectangle, etc, depending on what part of the cube was on the square's plane.  The square could never grasp the whole of the cube.  Aizen is saying that the reason it felt to him like Ichigo had no reiatsu was that he was like a square looking at a cube.  Or maybe like a cube looking at a hypercube.  I dunno.
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LMAO at the writers pathetic attemp to end the bleach manga 
im going to go right to the point here and stick to chapter 420. 
1)ichigo was owning aizen (PIS) without the help of the "final" Getsuga why the hell did he need to use it if it was going to take away his powers?  
2)the fight with ichigo and gensuga/hollow was total PIS. even if by chance gensuga was trying to "protect" (if that is what you want to call it) ichigo through out this whole manga, hollow ichigo wasnt and isnt. hollow ichigo would have torn him apart if he had the chance not cry. 
by considering this is the end of bleach, i degress. this walking turd sandwich of a manga finally dies and so does its PIS
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Ichigo's new form is totally awesome. I think Bleach is coming to an end probably by the end of the year, when the next movie comes out.
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