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Happy Bleach 420 brothers. Last time Bleach left us in anticipation as Ichigo promised to show us just what his final getsuga tenhou will look like. Will this be the final attack to finish off Aizen for good? Just what exactly is this final getsuga tenshou and will it involve his sword summoning elephants riding elephants? Let’s find out!

The Good

As expected, before we even see this new fantastic move, we are thrown face first into the past when Ichigo was training with our friend the young Zangetsu. We learn that the reason Zangetsu didn’t just teach Ichigo the real getsuga tenshou from the get go was because Zangetsu wanted to protect Ichigo; Zangetsu was in fact in love with Ichigo.

The reason why he didn’t want to teach him was because the final getsuga tenshou actually transforms Ichigo into Getsuga, which apparently takes away all his shinigami powers. So what does that mean for poor Ichigo? Will he stay in this Getsuga form until his enemy is defeated, and then return to being a normal teenager? Will he regain his powers once he goes back to being Ichigo? Who knows, but what we do know is that this form is incredibly powerful. So much so that Aizen is now incredibly pissed that a mere human is now stronger than him; feels good man. Ichigo then launches a giant attack, which looks like it hurt, but I can’t really tell what happened.

The Bad

The only way to beat Aizen’s transformation is to transform into a form thats better than his transformation. What is Aizen going to do next, transform again? I know this is a staple of shonen manga, but it seems kind of lazy just to give him another transformation. However, this appears to be the end of the road for Ichigo, for he has to sacrifice his shinigami powers in order to do this. If he really looses this power, I will look back on this chapter and not be upset, but if Kubo is just playing with me I will be very upset.

The Verdict 3/5

This chapter did not get me high, but it wasn’t bad to say the least. In some sense this was totally unexpected, but in retrospect it isn’t surprising at all. I actually laughed out loud when I read that his final attack was to actually become the attack, I mean could you imagine Goku’s final kamehameha actually transformed him into King Kamehameha? Oh Kubo, this is why we love/hate you so much.

Next chapter we will be sure to see just how powerful Ichigo’s last attack was, and just how powerful he became. If he really does loose his powers though, does that mean Bleach is almost finished? Only time will tell.
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I personally laughted out loud when Ichigo transformed, yeah I get it he's totally bad ass but dose this mean that Ninjas are the most powerfull worrior, perhaps when Aizen is defeated Luffy will jump out from befind a rock and punch Ichigo in the heat? fueling the debeat for generations to come?

Seriously though, could this be the end of Bleach or a jumping off point?Will we look back after chapter 800 and say "remember chapter 420 and how that made sence?"
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He'll probably get his powers back. His dad did, but the only question is when...
Post by Chengy (1,711 posts) See mini bio Level 17

thats my only input on this chapter
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The only real silver lining I can see here is that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is the REAL final battle. 
Because honestly, this is getting annoyi-bad
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Hey look, it's Vincent from Final Fantas- Oh wait, no, it's just a big shark jump. The latest of several. Bleach has practically turned Shark Jumping into an Olympic sport.
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@thuiscool said:

" He'll probably get his powers back. His dad did, but the only question is when... "

His dad took 20 years to get this powers back , And Ichigo will probably take some weeks to do the same , Why do i say that , remember his Bankai Training and how he Totally owned 10 years of training into just a handful of days.
Also While Ichigo may looses his "Shigami powers" 
It does not say a god dam thing about his Hollow powers, He still has the Hollow powers of a vasto lorde  Arancar   inside of him.
Honestly at least this is something a bit more refreshing  either end the series or take  it in unknown directions.
Actually i though becoming Getsuga was kind of cool , If i understand Correctly "GEtsuga tenshou" means  Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer.
So Ichigo either became the Moon Fang , or the Piercer
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Bleach has something to make us think for once, 
Have  a read of this
 i found this very interesting.

 Aizen-sama realizes that he can’t sense him just as Isshin and others couldn’t sense him. They couldn’t sense him because his powers were Hollow, Shinigami and Hogyouku, as opposed to just Hollow or Shinigami. This made him 3-dimensional. But now it seems Ichigo has gained a fourth power to put him above Aizen. There are only two realms we know nothing about, the King’s Realm and Hell, so I hypothesize Ichigo’s power has something to do with one of these realms.

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I'm kind of annoyed that Ichigo is apparently going to lose his powers.
I guess it makes sense, and it might explain how Isshin lost his powers, and knows so much about the Final Getsuga Tenshou, he used it himself once, ridding himself of his Shinigami powers and forcing him to live in the human world.
But it didn't even look like Ichigo needed to transform to beat Aizen, I think that's what annoys me the most about it. Oh also, they've explained what the Final Getsuga Tenshou is now, are they not going to bother explaining why Ichigo's sword changed before? His gauntlet/bandages (not sure which that is) and the chain going up his arm and stuff, what was the point of all that?
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Mayuri will become the next main villain after Aizen xP
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I really hope this is the final battle
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@Newten: By the looks for it ichigo was in the early stages of the final getsuga tenchou when he showed up.  And when Ichigo battles without his powers after this will he use a Yaoi paddle?
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HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I might even like to see that.  Given that someone was saying how the publishing industry would die if bleach stopped I expect they will find someway to continue it though I think the author is trying VERY hard to make that pretty much impossible.  I wish him luck.  It needs to end, it has been a fun ride but it has gotten old.
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I seem to remember that the current fight with Aizen to decide the fight of Karakura town (and...THE WORLD) was the second-to-last arc Tite has planned.  Can anyone verify?
Also, given what it meant when Ishida "lost" his Quincy powers, who knows what it means for Ichigo to lose his Shinigami powers.
Also, where the heck does it say that Getsuga was in love with Ichigo?  Getsuga says that Ichigo was what he wanted to protect.  I mean, I want to protect my car, but I'm not in love with it.  These summaries always seem to state things as fact that are only tenuously based on the text :P
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Ichigo looks awsome btw :P
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you know,all things considered,if after this he really cant get his powers back and he goes back to a normal life,I think id be okay with that.If not,then I will guess that the part after this will have that king person that aizen is trying to kill.
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I hate when I get up to the last page, it only reminds me that I have to wait another week for more.....  :'( 
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I would have rated this chapter  a 4/5 as beyond the surprise part it was really a awesome chapter with no real issues
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If they ever get a timeskip then it would be deathgods in space
Post by secretzfan (238 posts) See mini bio Level 18
Oh yea and remember when Tite said ichigo was losing his power it is for real.


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