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I watched Rozen Maiden – Zuruckspulen without seeing prequel or reading the manga before it. I did find Rozen Maiden interesting.

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@takashichea: Thanks for the help .

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Gamble Fish

I love this manga because you truly have no Idea what to expect it is by far one of the craziest manga I have ever read I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something different then what you are used to.

The story is set at Shishidou, a school attended by rich and elite people. Tomu Shirasagi, a gambler, is a mysterious new transfer student who has come from a public school and faces the elitist environment. There, he declares a challenge toward any student and claims he will bring to ruin the whole school through a series of gambling matches. Nobody knows why he has come to that school or what the real motivations behind his actions are. During any match, Tomu shows off all of his unique coolness and abilities. He employs a wide range of tricks, both psychological and physical, to ensure his victory. In any game, you will constantly ask how he’s planning to win, why he’s really doing certain things, and what’s really going on. At the end of the matches, the tricks are revealed. As the story unfolds, more about Tomu’s past is revealed, leading to unpredictable turns of events .

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In a world where people started developing quirks (superpowers) there is a surge of superheroes and villains. In Japan there is the Yuuei High School were the people with quirks go to train to transform into professional heroes. Our protagonist is Izuku Midoriya, a young teen that never developed a quirk but he still wants to become a Hero. Will he ever be able to become one?

Good art, likeable characters and a lot of love for the Superhero genre make this a good series to read.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I knew this was coming LOL

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This is a 3 chapter manga that has the team work of both the DBZ author and the artist of Zetman . The story is about a space Police officer that i sent to earth to find out why hos team mate / comrade lied to him that the earth is not a good place and to find out why a vampire is killing young women with a army with space fleas .

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I see to it that will be added to the wiki database. Also, I cleaned your image.

Manga Recommendation

I recommend Blood Lad. It's about a vampire otaku, Staz, who is obsessed with anime and manga. A human girl, Fuyumi, wind up in the demon world. Staz was thrilled to meet someone from Japan, and before he could hang out, he had to fight some guys. Then, Fuyumi gets eaten. It's up to Staz to restore Fuyumi back to normal.

Recommended for Shonen fans who like comedy and action.

For Kuma's recommendation, here is a manga cover:

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