Song of my Soul; Part One

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I'm moving the blog onto this less fail account:

So as I said, been catching up with my reading. Yay. If you haven't read D.Gray Man or Ultimo up to the last released issues then there might be some spoilers below but its nothing desperately specific. I'll be writing reviews today on both if you're desperately intrigued by what I think.

  • D.Gray Man

Issue 200 - Seed of Destruction

O| One of the things I like about D.Gray Man is how you never feel like the heroes really have a chance of winning on a grand scale. The Exorcists seem to be getting hammered pretty much right from the start and now, just as it looks like Allen is going to be strong to really start saving people and turning the die, he turns against them himself. At least that's how it seems to be going, I'll admit that it's getting washy over what's really going on with Kanda and Alma, their backstory is beautifully done and really interesting but it does sort of leave you wondering what else is meant to be going on.

I read it to the end or at least what I found to be up to date, including the A.W epilogue, I wasn't disappointed. I won't get into the anime now, because, well, I don't want people to hate me. I'll go back and review certain battles/story arcs/relationships over time.

  • Ultimo

Issue 5 - Carnage under the Moonlight

M| Well I just want to say, what the fuck, actually. A gay best friend? Because of latent desires to be a girl? So not cool. I do like this but it's taken a long time to get used to it, I just wanted to see super teen japan fighting robots, instead an actual story emerges. Its spurious, yes, and flirts between outright hollywood style panelling then dark complicated plot swings. Somehow the super cool looking Karakura Douji manage to keep the whole thing together.

It was really good to actually get this finished, I was psyched for the end by the end and the last few issues had me wishing it would go on longer.

Now I need to catch up on Naruto then get to some more reading; as I say I'll include little spotlights on parts of my favourite manga from time to time.

Keep Cool.


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Hi there DCypher. Firstly, you seem relatively new, so welcome to Anime Vice.

Secondly, we only allow multiple accounts on this site for the RPG forums, so you need to pick either this one or "AliceShiro" as your main account and stop using the other one (again, unless you're using one for the RPG forums).

Lastly, a quick tip. You're blogs will get a lot more views if you attach them to the forums, especially while you're still a new user on the site, because there aren't many people following you.

All that said, I hope to see you around on the site. If you need anything just ask, I'm here to help.

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