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Ok, even if i was one of those Naruto haters. I gave it a try yesterday and, i think it's not so bad as i tought. Probably because it's a big improve of the anime. Anyway i am at volume 23 right now, and i have a few questions. 
Does Itachi's Tsukuyomi do any damge at all or is it only used to disable the enemy? And when he and Kisame escaped the stomach of Jiraiya, did he use Amaterasu to open it? 
And  my last question, at what volume does time skip/shippuden, start? 
Tnx for the anwsers.
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@Fehafare: Tsukuyomi does do real damage. Itachi put Kakashi in a coma by using Tsukuyomi.  
Yes Itachi used Amaterasu to burn a hole through Jiraiya's toad's esophagus so that he and Kisame could escape. 
Shippuden starts at Volume 28 (Chapter 245).  
You're welcome :)
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